From Banks to stocks: All you need to know about the economy

The economic world where we are living today is highly unpredictable. If anything, then the Chinese Virus pandemic has only given rise to this unpredictable trait and volatility of the financial markets. In such turbulent times, when the world is experiencing the worst global economic fallout since the Great Depression of the 1930s, the stock markets all around the world are on a Bull Run and are touching their all-time high in many countries such as India. This bullish trend is enough to make the decisive conclusion that there is a huge incongruity between the Stok Markets and the state of the Economy. The daily rise in Sensex and the Nifty 50 index numbers are only stretching the length of the ditch of this inconsistent relation. On the one hand, people are losing jobs but on the other hand, Investors are making lots of money and this is something that seems to go against the traditional laws of economy and finance where Markets used to rise in a positive and favorable environment. Not only equity but also Digital Currencies are flying in the sky. The total cryptocurrency market has breached the value of $1 Trillion and the biggest of them all Bitcoin has crossed $40,000 which is equivalent to Rs 30,00,000 as I write this article. The two most important aspects of this vibrant environment which are going to be addressed in this article are: - “Why?” and “Till When?”. While the first question "Why?" deals with the most probable reasons which are behind this tendency of the Markets, the answer to the second question "Till When?" will set the tone for possible Market Correction which may be around the corner.

Impact of Stimulus on Asset Class leading to higher Public Debt & possible debt defaults.

Debasement of currency due to unlimited money printing & stimulus by Central Banks across the globe With prices surging across all asset class be it bullion, gold prices we are seeing unprecedented expansion of Balance sheet of Central Banks A pure liquidity driven market with plunging economy on Main Street has no correlation with new highs recorded in Wall Street / Dalal Street Invest in capital markets watching data of monetary stimulus from FED

Impact of Stimulus on Asset Class leading to higher Public Debt & possible debt defaults.

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