Strident Baloch Activist & Pakistani Refugee Karima Baloch Dead Under Justin Trudeau’s Watch

Justin Trudeau capriciously interferes in the internal affairs of India by promoting Khalistani terrorists’ sponsored ‘Farmers’ Protest’ against the new Farm Bill which is actually beneficial to the Indian farmers and enables them to earn five times their current income by setting them free from the encumbrances of APMC mandi control regime; a true activist, Karima Baloch, and bold voice against gross human rights violations by the Pakistani establishment is silenced under his watch. Is Justin Trudeau promoting the cause of Pakistan, which employs terrorism as a state policy?

UK Identifies New & Deadlier Coronavirus Strain: As a Preventive Measure India Bans Travel from UK

The Covid-19 pandemic came into India mainly due to travelers from abroad, the UK in particular apart from the huge Islamic Markaz meet in Delhi, which proved to be a super spreader of the virus all across India, the powers that be at the Centre should now at a war footing take steps to ban travel from UK as each flight from the UK could be inviting in the deadlier variety of Covid-19 which is said to be very contagious and severe.

FCRA Violation: Samantha Community Development Harvests Hindu Souls

The Andhra government machinery under a Christian CM provides a conducive environment for evangelists to operate with impunity. No wonder the Samantha Community Development and Welfare Society got 14.38 crores foreign funds saying the funds would be used for community welfare and social development but actually utilized the funds for reaping a harvest of Hindu souls!

Karnataka BJP Government Deletes Obnoxious Portions From Textbooks

The Karnataka Government under Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has deleted obnoxious portions from the Class VI social science textbooks which stated: Food scarcity was caused during the Vedic period because of sacrifices of agricultural animals and milk and ghee offerings to the Fire God during Havans.