Tracking FCRA Violations

The global network of Christian missionaries and evangelicals have an aim to convert the whole of Asia to Christianity. This object was declared by no less a person than the Pope John Paul II in 1999 during his visit to India. The Pope openly said that evangelisation of Asia remained a top priority of the Catholic Church in the next century. Pope John Paul II in the said visit to India brazenly said that it was the moral duty of Christians to spread the word of Gospel throughout Asia. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and other Hindu organisations had vociferously protested against this open mission of the Church to convert non-Christians to Christianity. Would the Pope have been even invited to any of the Islamic countries in the world, leave alone declare mission to convert Muslims in their own Islamic countries!

The Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) which committedly tracks illegal conversions carried out by evangelists by utilising thousands of crores of foreign funds pumped into evangelist NGOs masquerading as social organisations. The LRO reported through its twitter handle @LegalLro on 05.01.2021 that the Calvary Gospel Ministries Trust based in Jharkhand got Rs.90.23 Crores from radical Christian evangelist organisation named All India Mission.

All India Mission (AIM) is based in Olathe, Kansas, USA and founded by NJ Verghese. The heading of the website is, “Leading thousands of people to Christ every year. The AIM’s area of operation is mostly in Jharkhand to target innocent Vanvasis for conversion to Christianity. The Special Branch of Jharkhand Police has accused them of even funding violent activities in the area. They could possibly be even linked to violent Maoists who are very active in that area.

The LRO further reported that the Jharkhand Police also alleged that Calvary Gospel Ministries Trust and other Christian missionary institutions have employed this money to fund rallies, strikes and protests against the government. The LRO also stated that the Special Branch of Jharkhand Police has in a secret note to the Ministry of Home Affairs expressed their concerns on 88 Christian NGOs in Jharkhand receiving Rs 292 crores of funds which are used for questionable purposes.

It is noteworthy that the All India Mission has blocked Indian IP addresses from accessing its website to prohibit Indians from viewing their mischievous acts online. The LRO even put in its twitter handle screenshots from the AIM website, taken by US sources as it is not visible from Indian IP addresses, showing hundreds of people being converted to Christianity by notorious evangelists with the caption, “Leading Thousands To Christ Every Year”.

The LRO has made a detailed report on the Calvary Gospel Ministries Trust and the All India Mission listing out their nefarious evangelist and funding of violent activities in Jharkhand and submitted it to the Ministry of Home Affairs for cancelling its FCRA registration and also prosecute them for their various illegal activities. It is hoped that the Ministry of Home Affairs takes strict action against them as they are damaging the socio-cultural ecosystem of the innocent Vanvasis in Jharkhand area and also endangering India’s security by fanning and funding large scale unrest and violence.  

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