In the run up to the elections, during Mamata’s campaign at Nandigram, where she warned BJP cadres and voters of retribution after the election results. She literally said “You (BJP) would then beg for the Central Forces to remain in Bengal for some more time. We will see you.” Her cadres did just that, as soon the election results were out on May 2nd, there was mayhem on the streets of West Bengal in Kolkata and even in far flung villages.

The TMC terrorists unleashed the much promised Khooni ‘Khela Hobe’ and the Direct Action Day mayhem like Jinnah’s Muslim League in 1946. Horrifying pictures of BJP’s women cadre being brutally thrashed by TMC terrorists, incidents of several rapes for punishing to vote for the BJP by TMC criminals were reported.

Several BJP workers’ homes and shops were looted, they were burnt and many of them even killed. Considering that nearly 2.8 crore people voted for the BJP in the West Bengal elections, the TMC headed by Mamata Banerjee is on a mission to commit genocide of all BJP workers and voters. This is Muslim Leagues’ Hindu genocide in a new avatar.

The BJP leadership has announced a Country-wide Dharna in protest of the genocide of its workers. This is akin to MK Gandhi in 1946-47 singing ‘Ishwar Allah Tero Naam’ bhajans in Delhi for communal harmony, when Hindus were being butchered mercilessly in Noakhali and Calcutta.

The BJP has a huge majority in the Parliament and runs a government at the Centre with all its Constitutional powers at its disposal, yet acts like a helpless party which cannot even save its own cadres and voters from TMC terror in Bengal.

It is true that the ‘secular’ media is quiet and perhaps even elated at the death and mayhem unleashed on RSS-BJP cadre and sympathisers in West Bengal. There is no use trying to make noise on twitter asking sold out people like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose etc to speak out against the ‘secular violence’ in Bengal. They anyway do not feel that BJP cadres and followers, who are nationalist Hindus, have any human rights or are not humans at all.

So, the BJP arm chair leaders technique of outraging on twitter, trying to shift responsibility on a Hindu-hating media and their political arms is no solution. Mind you it is your cadres and followers who are at mortal risk, so shirking your responsibility shows very badly on the party’s political will and genuineness.

Even Lord Ram had to use his Shastras for a Ramrajya. The centre under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah needs to immediately either declare West Bengal as a Dirstirbed Area, impose AFSPA and deploy army with orders to shoot at sight the TMC criminals and terrorists out on a mayhem raping, murdering and committing genocide in Bengal.

Alternatively, the centre should impose President’s Rule on the ground of complete breakdown of law and order machinery in West Bengal and deploy central forces and conduct Flag March by the Army to bring the situation under control. This is no time for the BJP leadership to act goody-goody with all political niceties. The BJP is losing faith of the public and its core voters at its complete helplessness.

Indira Gandhi knew how to save her Congress cadre from the murderous Communists in Bengal, why cannot BJP leadership do the same, instead of mouthing a bucket full of ‘Kadi Ninda’ and dozing off in their AC rooms wishing the problem vanishes by itself.

A party which cannot save its own cadres and voters cannot be expected to save India from external enemies like Pakistan, China and other global forces like George Soros inimical to India’s interest.

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