With Mamata Banerjee herself warning reprisal against BJP supporters, workers, leaders and even voters who chose the Saffron party after election results, the murderous TMC terrorists have been on a spree to brutally attack, kill and burn the homes and shops of BJP workers and Hindus without any party affiliations in Muslim dominated areas of West Bengal.

A state sponsored genocide of vulnerable Hindus in Muslim dominated areas and BJP workers is underway right after the election results were announced in West Bengal.

Abhijit Sarkar, a BJP worker from Kolkata’s Ward No. 30 area, who is also an animal lover and nurses many sick street dogs, was attacked by TMC goons at his house. His house was burnt down and he was lynched to death by TMC terrorists.

Many shops belonging to BJP workers are being looted by TMC terrorists and burnt. BJP MLA Suvendhu Adhikari who trounced Mamata Banerjee in Nandigram, was attacked. His office and vehicle was attacked in Nandigram. People who voted for Adhikari in Nandigram are being targeted by the TMC terrorists, by setting their houses on fire and beating them up black and blue.

Chandana Buari, the humble domestic worker who won the assembly election on BJP ticket says, over 28 BJP workers have been killed in West Bengal since yesterday. She appealed to PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah to save their party workers, supporters and voters from TMC terrorists as there is no other hope for them to stay alive in West Bengal.


The scenario in West Bengal is reminiscent of the August 16th Direct Action Day call of Jinnah, where the plan was to commit complete genocide of Hindus in and around Calcutta in order to incorporate it in Pakistan during partition.

Mamata Banerjee’s rule in West Bengal is akin to the infamous Muslim League rule in West Bengal just before partition, where there was state sponsored genocide of Hindus, which was saved from the valiant leadership of Gopal Chandra Mukhopadhyay called Gopal Patha.

The BJP led centre should get its act together immediately if it has any iota of sympathy and solidarity for its own party workers and Hindus of Bengal. The need of the hour is to impose President’s Rule and rush central security forces to control the reign of terror in Bengal.

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