Gupkar gang trouble makers are out. They are again fomenting trouble in valley by spewing venom against India. As Leo Tolstoy said, “A Spark Neglected Burns the House“. Authorities will be well advised to put this spark out as soon as possible with heavy hand if needed. Abdullah and Mufti have recently disclosed their well hidden love for China. Abdullah would rather live under Chinese regime. It’s befitting that government should use Chinese brute force to quell this Gupkar rebellion. It will be good to give them a taste of what it’s like living in China. They don’t deserve democratic discourse. They richly deserve chinese boot on their collective behinds to silence them until they realise their time is over. Change course or perish. Time for new Jammu and Kashmir to take shape is NOW.

Gupkar Road is the most exclusive address in the valley with expensive, luxurious bungalows where who’s who of kashmir lives including Abdullahs, Muftis and all their minions. Hundreds of crores stolen from the Kashmiri public is invested in these houses. It’s a symbol of the systematic loot that was prevalent under the cover of 370. Onus is on central government to ensure these vermin don’t get foothold in Kashmir again. We don’t have strong enough nationalist movement in the valley to counter them. We need to wait until such time that they are met with equally vociferous opposing voices from within the society. That can be from the new settlers in Kashmir or creating divisions within the society and marginalising divisive forces. All chankya tactics of saam, daam, dand. bhed need to exercised to ensure the legacy of removing 370 is potent, visible and lasting.

When ‘politicians for hire’ like Abdullas, Muftis were under detention for public safety, there was no public mobilisation to release them. Except a few undercover workers in The Print, The Wire, Quint, no one really cared that they were away or missed them. That should be a indication that they are dispensable. They should be not allowed to take part in the discourse if they are not able to stick to ‘Kashmir is integral to India’ principle. There’s no appetite to tolerate them and their vicious, acerbic outburst in media.

Please make sure that the Gupkar gang overtly or covertly are silenced. Any strategy that gives them space to use the public anger that emanates from it for vote bank is a dangerous path to tread. I think they have already started reversing the gains of abrogation of 370 slowly but surely. It needs to be arrested now!! Any reverses will be toxic for Kashmir, India, and wider world. The momentous, historic step taken by Modi govt is too big an achievement to experiment with. Please aggressively enact next steps towards cementing 370 aftermath that are irreversible. Quench the Spark now….

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