On Tuesday, a UK official has said that China has recruited more than 30 British fighterjet pilots and helicopter pilots in its fleet. All of them have been recruited to train Chinese military pilots. All of them have been recruited at an annual salary of around £240,000 (over 22 million Indian rupees), the official said. At present, all these pilots are in the training camp of the People’s Liberation Army.

According to Britain’s news channel Sky News, a retired senior officer of Britain’s Royal Air Force has described it as dangerous. At the same time, another official has revealed that China has recruited dozens of former British military pilots to teach the Chinese army how to defeat Western fighter planes and helicopters. Officials said that about 30 fighter jet pilots and some helicopter pilots are currently in the training camp of the People’s Liberation Army of China.


UK officials said that China has also tried to recruit former pilots who have taken training in the US-led fifth generation fighter aircraft F-35 . An F-35 fighter jet is worth over £100 million. This aircraft is jointly developed by the United States and Britain.

In contact with military experts from other Western countries,

the UK official said that China is looking to recruit many more serving and retired former military pilots and experts from the RAF, the Royal Navy and the British Army, as well as military personnel from many other Western countries. is trying. He said that for this, China is offering an annual salary of about £ 240,000.

Alert issued by the UK Ministry of Defense

The intelligence agency of the UK Ministry of Defense has issued an alert on Tuesday to warn serving and former military personnel against such steps. Officials said that we are concerned about China’s recruitment plan. This is a threat to the interests of Britain and the West.

What Britain said 

British officials said that under this recruitment scheme, with the help of experienced pilots, China wants to be aware of the capabilities of British and NATO country’s fighter jets such as Typhoon, Tornado and Harrier jump jets. With the help of these pilots, he will give training to his pilot on how to compete with such fighter jets. The official said that with the help of these pilots, China is taking help in developing the strategy and capabilities of the Air Force.


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