Expertise in Fake news peddling is now the gold standard of journalism! It is true that facts are stranger than fiction, this is apt to describe the bizarre idea of bestowing Rajdeep Sardesai, who is a chronic fake news peddler and Propagandist, multiple awards for “best journalism”.

This leaves us to wonder whether anti-Hindu biased and bigoted propagandists only qualify to a cabal of media, Indian and global, to be recognised as sterling quality journalists! This idea is just an extension of the fact that Christian evangelist Church mouthpiece publications were called news letters and Christian missionaries working for it were called “journalists”. We have the famous ex-BBC correspondent, Mark Tully who later became an Indian citizen is actually officially a Christian missionary, yet he would be called an ‘unbiased journalist’.

Following the same mindset, in the hindsight it is not surprising that the fake news cabal has tried to rehabilitate a chronic liar, Rajdeep Sardesai by bestowing on him multiple awards for various categories at the ENBA Awards on Saturday.

It only speaks volumes on the credibility of the composition of the awards committee which awarded Rajdeep who only a few months back in January end was forced off air for peddling fake news during the Republic Day Riots.

Ironically, Rajdeep Sardesai received awards for Best Anchor, Best News Coverage: National, Best Talk Show, Best News Coverage: International and Best Business Programme categories in English.

Only in January, he was pushed off air with loss of salary for a month for airing fake news about the death of a protester during the Republic Day riots.

Rajdeep Sardesai tried to incite more violence and riots by trying to pass of death of a farm protestor named Navreet in a tractor rally as death by police firing whereas the protestor died due to an accident in which his tractor turned turtle when he drove at break neck speed and crashed into police barricade. This accident was captured in CCTV footage yet Sardesai went on spreading lies about Navreet dying due to police firing on air in television and also tweeted about the same on the micro-blogging site.

FIRs under NSA was filed against him, Siddharth Vardarajan and other online communist rags called Wire and Caravan by the UP police for relentlessly trying to incite violence and violence by spreading fake news through their web portals Rajdeep had claimed on air that he was shown the body of the farmer with bullet injury on the head. However, the video footage released by Delhi Police clearly showed that he died after his tractor turned turtle due to deliberate driving at break neck speed and colliding with police barricades in a bid to break it.

Rajdeep Sardesai had also suffered a lot of embarrassment recently when his wife and several other so-called journalists had indulged in trying to malign the President of India when he unveiled a portrait of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, by wrongly claiming it a painting of a Bengali film actor and not Netaji’s at the instance of another political fake news expert, Mohua Moitra. In fact, that instance clearly proved how these so-called journalists are only propagandists for their anti-Hindu, anti-RSS, anti-BJP and anti-Modi political masters.

The President of India’s office had sent a strongly worded letter to the India Today’s owner Aroon Purie over the practice of deliberately spreading fake news and maligning the President by scribes working at India Today, in particular Rajdeep Sardesai without due diligence.

Following this letter and the Navreet death fake news controversy by Rajdeep, he was fined with a month’s loss of salary and removed from on air appearance and was reportedly reinstated on 23rd February.

These awards are just a measure to rehabilitate Rajdeep Sardesai and to influence the judiciary in the serious legal cases filed against him to try to incite large scale violence and riots during a very tense and sensitive situation on a day when mayhem was unleashed by Khalistani terrorists in Delhi on Republic Day under the garb of farmers’ protests.

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