Christian missionaries and pastors have always been in news for making an attempt to forcefully convert people from other faiths to Christinity. Recently a Hindu man named Viswanath was taken to the church in order to convert him to Christinity but the plan backfired and instead of converting Viswanath filed a police complaint against Pastor Somu Avaradhi.

Bajrang Dal and Viswa Hindu Parishad activists in order to mark a protest against forceful conversions practised by the church authorities, sang Bhajan Kirtan inside a makeshift Church which is located in Hubbali area of Karnataka. This incident took place on 17th of October. Not only Bajrang Dal and Viswa Hindu Parishad but BJP MLA Arvind Bellad also came forward to  protest against forceful conversions practised by Church. He protested in front of the Navanagar police station on Sunday and accused the police authorities of failing to act against the pastor.

Viswanath said he met Somu 3 months ago and he asked him to convert. He further said “Somu had asked me and my family members to attend the Sunday prayer at ‘Prayer for all’ hall in Bairidevarkoppa. However, when I started singing a prayer of Hindu gods, he, along with others at the hall, started abusing me”.

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