Around 65,000 babies are born every day in India. Of these, about 40,000 are Muslim children. Islam – is the second largest religion and fastest growing in India.

Islam is a mental disease which infects the brain and wipes out compassion and human values that all of mankind are supposed to stand for by default. Bharat got infected by Islam by its invasion way back in 8th century with a near gap of 4 centuries due to powerful resistance by Bappa Rawal; then the fierce attack continued from 12th century onwards again. The attack still continues. The target as per hadees Sunan Nasai 1:25:3177 is Ghazwa-e-Hind, i.e. to capture & convert India into Islamic nation. Every muslim in the infected Akhand Bharat (includes present India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) strongly believes in this moronic but dangerous prophecy and is working 24/7 towards this Ghazwa-e-Hind.

Here’s how by way of connecting the dots from history that matches with the hadees.

Hindus in India are in deep slumber & Future Danger

Islam is growing rapidly and thousands of Muslims have entered the system by infiltrating police, army, bureaucracy etc. Today, Hindus in India are on the verge of destruction. Hinduism in India will not end overnight. It will be eradicated gradually. Muslims are constantly and very seriously working on it. That is, the child birth rate is about 20% of the total population of Muslims !!!

Among the children born now, Muslims are the majority and Hindus are in the minority. At this rate, by 2050, Muslims in India will become majority. No one will stop India from becoming a Muslim nation because India will immediately burn in the fire of riots. We Muslims will kill or convert Hindus and end their civilization as we did in sampling out Pakistan and Bangladesh. Nothing can stop us. West Bengal will be integrated with Bangladesh, Kerala next and the rest of India using democracy via demographical change! Muslims blindly vote anti-Hindu parties as you saw in West Bengal; while Hindus are continually trapped in gratification of self/families/relationships and socially very secular and tolerant of anti-Hindu acts.

Saudi Arabia’s Professor Nasir Bin Suleman Ul Omar Says That Hindus In India Are In Deep Slumber.

Today, according to government statistics, Muslims make up about 20% of the population. Government figures are incorrect because Wahhabi Muslims deliberately hide their actual numbers at the time of counting and do not record their weapons so that the Kafir Hindus remain unaware.

Modi Is Only The Start | Hindutva Should Not End With Modi

There is immense deception in the name of secularism in India, but the unfortunate thing for Hindus is that they are still deeply asleep relying on Modi. How long Modi or Yogi will survive? After them keys will be in the hands of Jihadis. Hindus are cowards – Pakistan, Bangladesh, train filled with bodies sent from Karachi, Kashmir genocide-exodus, Direct Action Day, Hindus suffered centuries of slavery under Jihadis. But Hindus still don’t get it. Several of our maulanas, muftis openly tell this, videos go viral, but still stupid Hindus can’t hear it or assume it’s only 5% extremists doing it. Who will ask them to use common sense and search for 95% if they ever objected to it? No, because they silently endorse it.

Secularism in India is only as long as Hindus are in majority and when they are in minority then what do we do they do not know ?

These foolish Hindus do not understand this even from the figures of Kafirs (non-muslims) of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The Hindu does not speak at all, remains silent, takes a high moral ground. Therefore, his fate is sure to sink as slaves!

Pakistan and Bangladesh or Kashmir .. Look from anywhere, they are sure to end.

Observe the Muslim-majority areas of Kerala, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and other states, where kafirs have been continuously migrating from Muslim areas to Hindu settlements.

Never go to the township with the Muslim population of your city and hold your breath in the midst of these staring eyes!

Apart from this, there are also splendid examples of countries like Zambia and Malaysia.

As soon as Muslims came in majority, these secular countries were declared as Islamic countries.

Examples exist in London, Sweden, France, Norway, where violence is taking place every day.

Ever wonder why this is happening? Who is doing it? What is the motive? Don’t you know about Ghazwa-e-Hind? Oh! You already read it, but don’t want to believe it! ?‍♂️ You also read TROP, and tons of articles on internet that prove Islam is mafia wanting to rule the world with it’s unending acts of terror, rapes, mass murders, conversion by swords, child/women slavery – typical of 7th century arabic ascent of the cult when in full power as clearly seen in ISIS that represents true Islam.

This is a part of the trick of the peacekeepers, to create such panic among the people, to instill such fear in their hearts that they do not have the courage to speak! Do you not understand that, these people are gathering in the mosque 5 times a day in the name of Namaz, and are plotting against you !! !! Taking a pledge, resolve to finish you 5 times a day!

Make no mistake about it – there’s nothing called ‘radical Islam’, Islam itself is radical.

No muslim will tell you these just like no serial killer will admit to or tell his next victims prior to killing them even after his past crimes are shown to him along with his secret diary. This strategy of deceiving is called Al-Taqiyya, i.e. cheating, telling lies to maintain the image of Islam by segregating its fake peacefulness from its true radical nature.

Now the time has come to open your eyes and open your mouth and be aware to make people aware…Lest it be too late.

Islam : Curse On Humanity

This portal itself is good enough to know what Islam is all about. All the defenses of various aspects of hateful/sword verses are convincingly debunked in this portal itself. Do bookmark and use for ready reference.

TROP proves beyond doubt that there is nothing called ‘radical Islam’, Islam itself is radical and highly intolerant of anything non-Islamic when it comes to power.

‘Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya…’ | Sorry, Not Now!

Dear Hindu – If you are thinking that everything happens with Hari’s will, He will come whenever adharma grows and you have no role to play, then you are mistaken!

Do recollect what Krishna said to the confused Arjuna. Bhagavad Gita is the eternal song wherein Krishna (Bhagawan) is the universal consciousness and Arjuna is the collective consciousness of all of mankind. Bhagawan clearly said that we (Arjuna) are bound by our duty of saving our motherland from adharmic forces. Krishna could have easily destroyed all the adharmic forces, but He showed us the demo in Mahabharata that in Kaliyuga adharmic forces in the form of asuras will be many, and that is why we need to awaken Arjuna within us by our collective consciousness with full intensity to destroy various adharmic ideologies that are totalitarian, exclusive and conspiring to eat up our nation.

At any given point of time only 5% Hindus (including Sikhs, Marathas, Rajputs & many awakened Hindus who joined and supported them) rescued Bharat from total destruction, rest of 95% either shamelessly watched or worse joined enemy camps for safety, security and power.

Now the leftist cabal is exploiting and challenging our democracy to create anarchy and destroy our nation; while the same percent of 95% Hindus still busy in thinking which country is great for settlement; which is next web series to drown into; which car is best; cry on petrol prices; whereas jihadis-commies jointly & intensely conspiring on how to bring down ‘chai & yoga’ (code for Modi & Yogi: remember Greta toolkit?).

Just forming of a strong Dharmic ecosystem is enough to start with, which is good enough to create powerful resistance to adharmic forces like Islam which is shamelessly supported by communists played by rice bag converts of the missionaries! They all will come back home to Dharmic roots if we all strengthen it to uphold humanity with a long term goal of saving our civilization and future generation from anarchy.

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