The great Shri Ram Swarup in his book ‘Where are they?:Communists under Communism’, writes “The communist strategy is simple. It consists in serial liquidation of “enemies”, constituted of all the non-communist opposition and the “non-proletarian” sector of population. Blackmail, vilification, character assassination is the characteristic methods used to achieve this end. Opponents are labelled, split off and played against one another. Communists fight the “conservatives” to the last socialists. Then the socialists themselves are divided and different splinters are picked off one by one. At the end, communists clamp down and put the lid on them all. Thus after the victims have “sufficiently weakened themselves in a struggle which is beyond their strength”, to use Lenin’s phrase, communists come at the top. Once the party is in power, the intra-party struggle becomes more acute; at any rate, it becomes more visible and open because it takes on a physical form. Physical liquidation takes the place of the older methods of elimination when democracy prevailed”. In this tract, he explains how communism is an ideology so ruthless that except the Supreme Leader no one is really safe. It was Karl Marx who said that Nation state was a tool for oppression ,workers have no country and the Desi communists of Bharat have always followed this thought of Karl Marx unequivocally. Desi comrades of Bharat have always tried to fulfill the impossible dream of Karl Marx of building a communist earth. Time and again, communists and communist parties of India have always indulged themselves in anti-national activities.Left Parties Have Always Shown Allegiance to Their Global Masters than Support National Interest.

Let’s look at 21 instances which tell us about that the communist parties are anti-national by their very nature.

1- The Communist Party of India was not founded in India but in Tashkent which is the capital of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a central Asian nation and former Soviet Republic. Back then, the party was control by Communist International that advocated world communism, controlled by the Soviet Union. Communist international was the Soviet propaganda machine whose mission was Global Communism. So party before country is nothing new for the communist parties residing in India.

2- Arun shourie in his book “The only Fatherland” writes that the Communist Party of India was officially against the Quit India movement because the Soviet Union didn’t want them to join. The orders given by Soviet union of not participating in the struggle was kept and the communist party quite unapologetically betrayed the freedom struggle.

3- Even before Independence, during the Second World War, in 1939, when the USSR and Nazi Germany were on the same side, undivided Communist Party of India (CPI) refused to oppose Hitler. However, when Hitler invaded Soviet Union in June 1941, Moscow told Indian communists that the real fight was between fascism and the Allies. Therefore, they should support the British in their war effort. The CPI dutifully did this, staying clear of the Quit India movement of 1942. Suddenly, the CPI became the loudest and most vocal supporter of the Allies and enemy of the Nazis.

4- The Bengal famine of 1943 was a famine in the Bengal province of British India (now Bangladesh and eastern India) during World War II. An estimated 2.1–3 million,out of a population of 60.3 million, died of starvation, malaria, and other diseases aggravated by malnutrition, population displacement, unsanitary conditions and lack of health care. THE famine was anthropogenic (man-made), wartime colonial policies created and then exacerbated the crisis. British Government was responsible for this crisis and death of 3 million people but the Communist Group in Bengal did not offer a single helping hand and event shows not to criticize the Britishers for the terrible Bengal famine. The communists came forward to praise the British government for their war efforts.

5- The Communist Party of Mexico was founded in 1917 by MN Roy ( Manabendra Nath Roy) who also co-founded China’s Communist Party. The Communist International and Communist Party of Great Britain sent Philip Spratt to work with MN Roy to set up the Communist Party of India. Philip Spratt (26 September 1902 – 8 March 1971) was a British writer and intellectual. Initially a communist sent by the British arm of the Communist International (Comintern), based in Moscow, to spread Communism in India. 1952, he stated that India must abandon its claim to the valley and allow the National Conference leader Sheikh Abdullah to ‘dream of independence’. It should withdraw its armies.

6- When China invaded Tibet , Communist Party of India applauded China for the move it took. A Communist Party statement of March 31 praised the Chinese for leading the Tibetans from medieval darkness. The same Communist Party of India which marks BJP government as fascist for no reasons was actually supporting and applauding the Chinese for the fascism they went for. Not only they supported China but also blamed Indian elements for creating trouble.

7- Author and Columnist Aabhas Maldahiyar in his thread of tweets presented sources from CIA dossier where he claimed that HS Surjit and others were working with the Soviet Communists to setup an underground party.On Feb 1958, an official of the Soviet Embassy contacted CPI Leaders to renew the request to setup an underground organization.1958, The dossier further mentions CPI leader,Basavapunniah. As per him the source of inspiration for the CPI should be Communist China not Soviet, & he planned to talk to Chinese Leaders exactly like how Disciple talks to his teachers.
Left,had begun inclining towards China.

8- The same dossier presented the view that on February 1959, Ajoy Ghosh presented a report to the Central Executive Committee that China & Russia insisted that the #CPI should develop a standby apparatus capable of armed resistance,by intensifying penetration in Indian Military.“Mao” the killer was in picture. Ajoy Ghosh also led a four-man, predominantly moderate CPI delegate on 21st CPSU Congress in late January. On 9 February, upon the close of the congress,Ghosh went to PeSping, where he is reported to have had talks with Mao and Chou too.

9- In 1962 during the Sino- Indian war, many communists from the Communist Party of India openly supported China. During the war, Community Party of India objected to a blood donation camp for the Indian Army. The party told it’s members not to donate blood for the Indian soldiers. CPI(M) founder Achuthanandan defied his fellow communists and he was promptly demoted and shunted out of the Central Committee. “China’s Chairman, our Chairman” can be easily heard by the actions the Communist parties undertook during the war.

10- The communists mercilessly masaccred Dalit Bengalis. The masaccre came to be known as Marichjhapi massacre.It was a Jallianwala Bagh-like situation. Several West Bengal Police patrol boats and two BSF steamers encircled an island in the Sundarbans on 26 January 1979 and ruthlessly ‘enforced’ an economic blockade. That island was called Marichjhapi. On 31 January, when the islanders protested, they were fired at.This went on for days. Many say 5,000 to 10,000 people, including children, were killed. Jyoti Basu’s information minister at the time, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, announced that the island had been cleared of ‘illegal occupants’. It was one of the worst massacres independent India had witnessed. But it was buried successfully by the Left government. Almost forty years later, the wounds of the Marichjhapi Bengali refugees came to be highlighted. The Communist Party which talks about Dalits in order to hold to the Dalit vote bank should open their eyes to see the heinous act it commited against Dalits.

11- Communist Party of India – Marxist passed a resolution hailing the Tiananmen Square Massacre undertaken by the Chinese Government. 10454 people was killed in the Tiananmen Square Massacre.The Tiananmen Square massacre, known as the June Fourth Incident in China, were a student-led demonstrations held in Tiananmen Square, Beijing during 1989. In what is known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre ,troops armed with assault rifles and accompanied by tanks fired at the demonstrators and those trying to block the military’s advance into Tiananmen Square. The protests started on April 15 and were forcibly suppressed on June 4 when the government declared martial law and sent the People’s Liberation Army to occupy parts of central Beijing. Thousands were wounded because of this incident.

12- CPI-M stood against the Pokhran test which the India conducted. CPI-M supported supported North Korea of being a nuclear power but stood up against its own nation India for the same. According to the CPIM, mouthpiece, North Korea had a legitimate right and a legitimate need to carry out nuclear tests, but not India. Initially, when the Pokhran happened where India became a nuclear power, CPIM’s excuse was of non-proliferation and all sorts of supposed humanitarian concerns but the hypocrisy and double standards of CPI-M got exposed almost a decade later when North Korea carried out nuclear tests. According to the CPIM, mouthpiece, North Korea had a legitimate right and a legitimate need to carry out nuclear tests. The CPI-M shifted the blame for the North Korea’s action towards United State of America. The Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan even applauded Kim Jong-Un for the tough anti-US stand.

13- Inside the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), the members of the student wing of the communist parties has time and again indulged themselves in the anti national activities. The student wings involved in these incidents are mainly All India Student Association (AISA), All India Student Federation (AISF) , Democratic Student Union (DSU) and Democratic Student Federation (DSF).Sometimes they prepare nude and objectionable posters of deities on their computer and affix it on wall to hurt the religious feelings of the society. The students associated with these organisations mourned the hanging of Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru, they celebrated the killing of CRPF jawans in Chattisgarh’s Dantewada, they asked for beef in hostel mess, they worshipped ‘Mahisasur’ in place of Goddess Durga during ‘Navratra’ festival and they also invited Kashmiri separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani for meeting, however, JNU authority imposed ban on it. The professors too inside the campus leaning towards the Communist ideology act no different from these student groups. The professors through their teaching run their agenda to break the oldest civilization Bharat into pieces. Nivedita Menon who is a professor at JNU was found telling a large group of students that Kashmir to not belong to India , aazadi slogans are rightly being raised by Kashmiri muslims and India should be giving freedom to Kashmir. She talks about plebiscite but very carefully hides the situations which were decided for having a plebiscite.

14- On 9th of February, 2016 an event was organised by the Communist students of JNU to commemorate the second anniversary of the hanging of Terrorist Afzal Guru who was involved in the terrorist attack which happened in the Parliament. Kanhaiya Kumar was the member of AISF and was the President of JNU Students Union. Kanhaiya Kumar was the one who was involved in the incident. Anti National slogans like “Bharat tere tukde honge Inshallah Inshallah” were also raised during the event. The Desi comrades of JNU accused the Supreme court judges for giving a death sentence for Terrorist Afzal Guru. The slogans followed against the Supreme Court judges “Afzal hum sharminda hai tere qatil jinda hai”. Time and again, voices are being raised by the members of the these communist student organisations regarding the breaking of Kashmir from Bharat. The same Kanhaiya Kumar termed the security forces of India, the Indian Army as rapists. On 8 March 2016, speaking at an International Women’s Day event, Kumar referred to the rape of Kashmiri women committed by personnel of the Indian Army. These claims made by Kanhaiya Kumar holds absolutely no water. These types of pointless words ,sentences and slogans have always been the list of activities the student organisations of communist parties undertake.

15- In 2017, during the Doklam standoff the frictions between India and China were high and India was in no mood to back off. Instead of supporting India ,the Communist Party of India- Marxist stood up with China. CPI-M stressed that India must allow Bhutan to take the lead in the negotiations with China and take a step back. Perhaps the idea of the CPI-M was that China to sway over Bhutan and take away the land which was in contestation. Not only did the polical party took China’s side but also pinned the blame on the Indian government for the dispute. The reason they gave was “India has openly sided with the US position on the South China sea, India has opposed the Belt and Road initiative. Within the country the Modi government has increased the profile of Dalai Lama and the so called provisional government, which are serious irritants for China”.

16- Communist Party of India and Communist Party of India-Marxist didn’t want India to align and have close ties with Israel during the first term of the Modi government. Everyone knows the importance of having close ties with Israel. Close India- Israel ties are important from the security point of view, diplomatic point of view and the point of view from the Middle Eastern politics but still the Communist parties didn’t want this to happen. Till today, the communist parties have always maintained a significant distance from the Israel and always came forward in taking anti-isreal stand. “Free Palestine” is a two word slogan which can be frequently heard from the mouth of desi communists.

17- Communist Party of India-Marxist attacked the Army Chief of India, Bipin Rawat over the statement made by him on stone pelting and stone pelters in Kashmir. Army chief Bipin Rawat came up with a view that the stone pelters in Kashmir are behaving like On ground terrorists and will be dealt with sternly. Bipin Rawat was of the point that many stone pelters are children who were driven out of schools by the people with terrorist mindset and are told to take up stones against the military. Regarding this statement of the Army chief the Communist Party of India Marxist came forward against him. It is not new for the communist parties residing in India to take up stand against the Army. There have been many occasions where the desi communists termed the security forces as rapists and also took a stand to break Kashmir from India.

18- In the meeting of the SAARC countries which the Prime Minister of India called for the raising up of funds for the SAARC countries amid the covid-19 crisis, Pakistan as always came up with Kashmir issue in the SAARC meeting which didn’t got much of an attention from the SAARC countries ,the member countries even criticised Pakistan for raising the issue but it was only the Communist Party of India-Marxist who could easily see sense in the senseless move of Pakistan.

19- On 16th June, 2020 during the violent clash which happened with Chinese troops in order to protect the territory, 20 brave Indian Army soldiers got martyred for the motherland. They fought bravely and caused a casualty of 43 in the Chinese side. But instead of boosting the morale of the Indian Army and criticizing the China and Chinese army for its move to capture other’s territory, the Communist Party of India Marxist on 16th June organised a protest against the BJP government led by Narendra Modi. When it comes to Indian and Chinese troops having friction, the communist parties always leans towards the Chinese side by betraying its own nation.

20- On 2020 All India Party Meeting was being chaired by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi over the India China border issues in Ladakh. In the meeting it was expected that every political party irrespective of their ideologies will turn towards the centre and will give up their differences to come together because it was the question of national integrity. But sadly there were three political parties which decided to go against the national interest and take anti-government stand at this crucial time. it was no surprise that the two political parties among the three were Communist Party of India and Communist Party of India Marxist. In the All India Party Meeting, Communist Party of India instead of blaming China, blame the Modi government for going close with the US. CPI’s D Raja said that “we need to resist us efforts to drag us into their alliance”. The Communist Party of India did not utter a single word against China. There have been friction between United States and China and the US is looking for Allies to stand against China, India can fulfill United States’s need. The relationship between the US and India has never been this close in the history. No surprise Communist Party of India Marxist join the line with CPI. CPI-M’s Sitaram yechury stressed on the principles of Panchsheel to deal with China. Blaming the India’s government for the friction between India and China itself shows the priorities of Communist parties that are presently in India.

21- Recently China celebrated 100 years of the ruling Communist Party,CCP. Big celebrations where are organised in Beijing to celebrate the occasion. The Chinese embassy in India hold a seminar in order to celebrate hundred years of Communist Party of China in which 4 communist leaders were called. The four communists include Sitaram Yechury who is the General Secretary of Communist Party of India Marxist, D. Raja who is the General secretary of Communist Party of India, G Devarajan who is the top leader of All India Forward Bloc and S Senthil Kumar who is a parliamentarian from DMK party. This four Indian Communists did nothing but sat down listening to the Chinese ambassador about Chinese communism. The ambassador of China used the floor to go for high talks which highlighted China wants peace, non agression and mutual respect. This 4 desi communists served as a medium for China’s gimmick. These 4 desi communists sat quietly in approval and congratulated CCP for completing it’s 100 years and also spoke high about the CCP’s so called achievements .

22- During the interview in Scoopwoop, Sitaram Yechury who is the General Secretary of Communist Party of India Marxist categorically stated that he has great affinity with China. Regarding the human rights violation which is happening in China where organ harvesting is being done of Uyghur Muslims, Sitaram yechury directly came up with the conclusion that these reports are rubbish and no human rights violation are being done in China. moreover to support his claim he presented the stance of China in this particular matter. Moreover Sitaram yechury did not found anything wrong with the curtailing of freedom of speech which is going on in China. The same desi communists show themselves as the flag bearers of freedom of speech.

23- There have been many reports which says that Communist Parties in India are responsible for giving funds to the Maoists/Naxals which help them to carry on violance against the Indian state. Thousands of security forces are being martyred because of these Maoists/ Naxals who want to achieve the dream of a communist earth with violence. In 1969 Charu Mazumdar, a Communist was the one who founded CPIM-L to achieve the communist dream through arms.


Communist Party of India and Communist Party of India Marxist’s stand on the national issues has never been aligned with the interests of Bharat and that of the central government. The ideology which the India’s Communist Parties shares with the Communist Party of China draws them closer to China. Initially the Communist parties in India looked up to Soviet Union but not China has become their new spiritual master. Communism as an ideology is not different from the Abrahamic religions like Islam and Christianity. Communism as an ideology butchered millions of people and crushed dissent. It also did a lot of damage in India as well. Bengal was richest region in India prior to communist rule ,but after communism took over Bengal, the state saw a massive decline. Communism never succeeded in this world and will never succeed, therefore the communists especially desi communists must give away their silly dream of a “Communist World”.

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