I believe in “Science First” and I don’t see any of my deeply Hindu relatives & friends objecting to it. It is my belief that as science grows it will become the religion of the world eventually.

Today Science has not completely understood how mind works. For example: Science cannot completely create a world where mind can be free of fear, doubts and be full of positive emotions. It is this gap that religions are filling up today.

Now coming back to the main topic of how Hinduism is closer to “Science first”, it will depend on what we “mean” by “closer”. Defining “closer” mathematically is difficult so will just see few dimensions to compare.

Treatment of Human, Animals, Plants and Non-Living Things

One dimensions to look at is, from science perspective the world consists of Human, Animals, Plants and Non-Living things. Yes I know Human is subset of Animal, but for an article discussing on religion it is easier to keep them separate.

In case of Science all the four things follow “laws” and nothing is special about any one of them. Where as most religion say Humans are specials and treat every other things as to be created for Human. Interestingly most part of Hinduism says Animals and Humans have same souls so they in a way are saying Human and Animals are same. Further if we look at Advaita Vedanta/non-dualism school of Hinduism it says Human, Animals, Plant and non-living things are all ONE. This is exactly like science.

Religion Equality
Most Monotheistic religion Human is superior.
Animal, Plant and Non living things inferior.
Most part of Hinduism Human & Animals are equal and have soul.
Maybe Jainism Human, Animals & Plants are equal
Advaita Vedanta school of Hinduism (Non-dualism) Human, Animal, Plants and non-living things are all ONE.
Science First Human, Animal, Plants and non-living things are all ONE and follow Nature’s law
Religion and treatment of world things

Mental Leap required from Concept of “God” to “Science First/Nature’s Law”

Polytheism believes in God being in form of living being, so moving from that concept to concept of “Nature’s law/Science First” will be difficult.

On the other hand Monotheism usually says God is “formless”, so Nature’s law is that formless God can be easier. However a Monotheist will usually believe God has created human specially and many other things which will also create difficulty unless the person becomes atheist.

Indian Polytheism/Hinduism has many schools. For most of Hinduism even if there are many Gods, it is assumed that they are all manifestation of the same God in various form. So thinking of supreme God as Nature’s law will be easier but will run into the same problem as Montheism. However since Polytheism is usually more tolerant of other ideas it might be easier to make the leap to “Science First”.

Advaita-Vedanta school of Hinduism will have it very easy to say science first as there principles are very very similar to Science already. Please see the table in the previous section.

For some of you it might appear that “monotheism” of “formless God” will be closer to Nature’s law, but if you look at the origin of monotheism you will realize it is not same. Monotheism arised to solve infighting among polytheist believing in different God, but in the process makes the monothiest more intolerant of other views/ideas. Please see my previous article https://kreately.mars-cdn.com/polytheism-in-india-and-lessons-world-can-learn-in-tolerance-or-even-better-acceptance/

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