The hero of the liberal Fascist Congress ecosystem, Dhruv Rathee now faces legal trouble for accessing IP address and location of a young 15-year old social media user and threatening him for supporting YouTube channel String Reveals, which exposes the nexus of mainstream media personalities like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Ravish Kumar, Dhruv Rathee, Alt News, Wire, Caravan, NewsClick etc. with George Soros to weaken nationalism in India.

Pertinently, the video exposing the links of these media outlets and famous media personalities’ financial sponsoring by nefarious global organisations inimical to India’s interests was taken down by the YouTube by completely crushing free speech. Strangely, the same militant advocates of free speech demand right to ask for breaking up India into smithereens and defaming everyone from Amit Shah, Narendra Modi to legendary historical figures like Shivaji Maharaj, Rani Laxmibai, Maharana Pratap etc. or even writing or cracking crappy jokes about Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Thus, they are actually Fascists who want to only impose their views and ideology on rest of Indians whom they consider as sub-humans without a right to think or speak for themselves.

So, the decision of shutting of the String expose on these worthies by the YouTube evoked a sense of outrage among many netizens of all ages, young and old. The 15 year old aware child was one among them. When the young social media user called, Parthiv Bharat went to Dhruv Rathee’s Instagram page, he saw many people commenting, “Hang Dhruv Rathee”. People were perhaps in response to the String YouTube expose which gave details of the usual suspects’ shady financial dealings with an aim to work for destruction of India in conjunction with global characters like George Soros. String had sought that these anti-national elements should be prosecuted for treason and ‘hanged’ for their nefarious activities to destroy the country as they are intellectual terrorists and play a more dangerous role than the physical terrorists.

Seeing, the young Parthiv’s comment, Dhruv Rathee threatened to prosecute the child. The young child even apologised for what he wrote but said, why do you always target and threaten people who support the String YouTube channel and criticize the Congress?

What happened next was unthinkable, Dhruv stole the IP address and location of this 15 year old kid and starts sends him a message on Instagram saying, I got your location from IP Address, you made a death threat to me, wait till Bengal Police shows up at your place. The young lad reiterated in the message that he was Sorry.

Dhruv Rathee threatens him further and says, it does not matter (that the boy is 15 years old) you will get a good beating from your parents after the police shows up.

This is how Dhruv Rathee goes after young boys even after they apologize to him. Perhaps it irked Dhruv Rathee that his shady dealings were exposed by the String’s video and this young man and many like him were seeking Dhruv’s arrest and prosecuting him for his alleged illegal dealings to undermine India’s interests.

The Kalinga Rights Forum, a human rights organisation, has complained to the apex child rights body, NCPCR’s Chairperson, Priyank Kanoongo to take action against Dhruv Rathee for accessing IP address and location of a 15 year old child, Parthiv Bharat just because he supported the String Reveals YouTube channel.

The complaint also urged the NCPCR Chief to summon Twitter India, Instagram and Facebook executives for allowing breach of privacy.

So the so-called libertines do not mind threatening, stalking and finding out the location and IP addresses of a young boy just because he opposed the Congress and appreciated the expose of String Reveals episode exposing many people from the Congress-Leftist ecosystem and sought them to be legally proceeded against, arrested and hanged legally for trying to break up the nation.

While people like Dhruv, Barkha and the eco-system members are dead against death penalty to rapists-murderers, terrorists and particularly rapes & murders committed by Muslim youths, the case in point is how this gang came in support of the Muslim “minor” rapist, Mohammad Afroz who was the most barbaric rapist of Nirbhaya, who raped her twice and even inserted a rod in her anus and pulled out her intestines.

Dhruv Rathees’ favourite politician, Arvind Kejriwal awarded Mohammed Afroz a sewing machine and Rs10,000 as reward for his deeds!

It is not surprising that people have different yard sticks for children, depending on whether they are Muslim jihadis or Naxal supporters then even the most heinous of crime is just a mistake, but even a small slip of social media behaviour by a young hindu lad proud of his Hindu heritage, for which even due apology was given by the young lad.

So, for Dhruv Rathee and his friends it is different strokes for different people and even threatening and stealing location and IP addresses of young children is kosher.



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