While normal people have to wait endlessly for their cases to be even admitted, if admitted to be listed and heard by the Judiciary, with a ruse that their system is clogged with an overwhelming barrage of cases, some people are always heard on priority, like the cases filed by or agued by Lutyens’ lawyers like Prashanth Bhushan, Colin Gonsalves, Indira Jaisingh, Kapil Sibal etc.

These people invariably represent a set of predictable petitioners like Saket Gokhale, other than being a sycophant of Rahul Gandhi, has a controversial background of his father, a senior Mumbai Police officer, once being arrested and charged for drug trafficking.

The likes of Prashant Bhushan, Harsh Mander and Colin Gonsalves file trumped up cases against the Indian Army claiming human rights violation and seeking to prosecute army men for doing their duty under trying circumstances.

Their pet cases also include forcing India to migrate to India and nourish the jihadi Rohingya Muslims who flee Myanmar to avoid legal proceedings for committing mass murder of Hindus and Buddhists in Myanmar in their bid to secede Rohingya area from Myanmar.

Notably, Harsh Mander is now under cloud and faces an FIR for allowing sexual abuse in Childcare Homes run by his NGO and misusing the orphan children housed there to participate in anti-CAA agitation which saw use of abusive and violent language by these children for PM Modi and Amit Shah.

Notably, the NCPCR chief Priyank Kannongo also found that Harsh Mander gets funds from the Canadian Embassy and the dubious Islamic Relief which is banned in Israel for funding the Hamas terrorists under the garb of social work for peace. The Islamic Relief also has close connections with the banned jihadi outfit, Muslim Brotherhood.

Harsh Mander founder Aman Biradri Trust receives funds from the global economic terrorist George Soros. Harsh Mander is also the Chairman of the George Soros’ Open Society Foundation’s Human Rights Advisory Board.

Harsh Mander and Prashant Bhushan openly advocate secession of Jammu and Kashmir from India, there are authentic videos of them making provocative riot inspiring speeches of the duo freely available, against which many nationalist citizens have filed criminal complaints.

Colin Gonsalves is always seen targeting the Indian Army in the North East as they are quelling armed rebellion and terrorism, which is mainly driven by support from the Christian missionaries there.

Colin can be seen advocating right to convert poor and vulnerable sections of Hindu society to Christianity by allurement, fraud and coercion under the bogus claims that SC&ST are not Hindus and right to propagate religion includes right to convert.

It is surprising that these elements are always heard on priority by the judiciary and the Kashmiri Hindu victims’ case of genocide and ethnic cleansing by jihadi Muslims of Kashmir, was not even admitted by the Supreme Court. The Hindu victims were told the cases happened in 1989-90 are very old and asked the victims to garner proof of the public genocide! While the same CJI suo motu admitted cases of 1984 Sikh victims’ cases for a re-look in the SC! Perhaps we are a bit weak in maths, 1989-90 seems to come before 1984!

The Legal Rights Observatory has to be lauded to raise these pertinent issues of bias in hearing petitions filed by privileged lawyers of the Lutyens’ circuit and seeking an inquiry into the matter from the Chief Justice Of India and the Supreme Court’s Registrar.

The LRO had earlier sought inquiry against undue priority given to cases filed by Colin Gonsalves and Harsh Mander which went unanswered by sending written complaints to the CJI and Registrar of SC on 19 September 2020, which went unanswered.


The LRO had urged the CJI in the aforementioned letter to institute inquiry under retired judges to analyze the outcome the for the past 15 years of outcome on cases filed by Colin Gonsalves led, Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), which is funded by George Soros and has consistently campaigned for scrapping of sedition laws in India.

Colin’s HRLN also provides free legal aid for illegal Rohingya Muslim migrants to India, most of whom have fled Myanmar after massacring Hindus and Buddhists there.

The LRO had also urged the CJI to inquire whether the retired members of the judiciary as trustees of the HRLN like the Supreme Court’s retired Judge, Justice Deepak Verma and former Bombay High Court Judge, Justice H Suresh had influenced the cases filed by HRLN in the Supreme Court.

The LRO did not receive any reply for the pertinent questions raised by it on the not above board conduct of the judiciary in this matter. The LRO has now written to the CJI and Registrar of SC for an inquiry into the unholy haste in which cases filed by the dubious Saket Gokhale are heard in priority by the judiciary.


The LRO has also sought Income Tax inquiry of Saket Gokhale’s donors and his multiple online fundraisers to investigate whether billions of rupees of funds raised by him have Khalistani contributors and possible tax evasions.



Perhaps the the Indian judiciary, which is largely not connected to the global anti-Hindu cabal is very wary of scurrilous allegations of trumped up sexual harassment cases heaped on them if they do not give this Lutyens’ cabal with their foreign masters a hasty hearing and favourable judgement to their liking. By the way, in the UPA era, the SC judges were in such strangle hold of this leftist-jihadi-naxal cabal that a certain ex-Supreme Court Judge’s judgements were dictated by Teesta Setalvad at his official residence. This Judge is also well known for his blatant bias against Prime Minister Modi, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat and Amit Shah.

It is high time the judiciary takes action to clear its own house or we need new legislations for appointment and selection of Judges which is the only body in the world which has no accountability and appoints itself!

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