धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः। यदि हम धर्म की रक्षा करते हैं तो वह हमारी रक्षा करता है। धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः। अर्थात: धर्म का लोप कर देने से वह लोप करने वालों का नाश कर देता है और रक्षित किया हुआ धर्म रक्षक की रक्षा करता है।

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah it means that dharma protects those who uphold or protect dharma. It is the shloka from Mahabharata.

Palghar Lynching happened. Most sadhus, major saints remained silent. Please remember today its them, tomorrow it shall be I, and next turn will be yours. Hate and contempt against Hindus is serious threat we are facing, but we don’t realise.

Today Hinduism is suffering from many problems like Religious Conversion, Love Jihad, Caste Fight, Declining Population, insulting and demeaning of Hindus festivals, lack of economic opportunities etc.

When most of ordinary Hindus like us hear such news and new like Bangalore, Delhi and Munger riots, or targeting of Hindu voices like Kangana and Arnab, or Love Jihad cases , we start blaming BJP. We start seeking accountability from BJP.

We forget fundamental Fact that these are religious issues. BJP is political Party. BJP must support us in fight its true. But mains support for fighting dharma, Hinduism should come from Saints, Sadhus, and Mahants . WHY ?

Sadhu – Saints have crores of followers. They directly reach to 50-60 crores of Hindus. They can motivate, inspire the masses in rural, urban, remote areas. They can inspire adult, youth, women, elders across the region and caste groups. They have enough money to fight and support Dharma.

But what is happening. With rare exceptions, most of time they are busy in just focusing on rituals, organise Kirtan, chanting etc. It hardly helps it expansion, promotion and protection of Hinduism from kinds of threats we are facing. It is high time Sadhu – Saints should strongly support Hindus problems, issues and fight for Promoting, expanding Hinduism.

Here is 5 Things, they must do:

  1. Please speak up on Hindus Problem like Love Jihad, Conversion, Palghar lynchings. You can wake up sleeping Hindus. You are religious force, BJP is political Force.
  2. Please go in Missionary mode like Islam or Christians. Stop “Rice Bag conversion” of tribals, SC, STS. Promote Hinduism among them. Give them free food, education. Provide them economic opportunities, use their labor.
  3. Stop caste division. This is biggest cause of decline of Hinduism in present time. Stop the inter-caste fight, caste based discrimination. Involve more and more lower caste, ignored class in Hindus functions, rituals, give them all respects. You have power to unite all Hindus.
  4. Interact, engage, take youth along with you. Today 65% population of India is below 35 age. Most Hindu boys have forgotten all our values. Rather they make fun of Hinduism and our festivals. You only can save our civilization.
  5. Political role. Despite winning Ram Mandir case, we lost Jharkhand. Despite CAA bill for Hindus, we lost Delhi. Please Use Hindu vote banks. Ensure that ruling party is forced to promote, protect Hinduism. Else, they don’t get single vote.
  6. Ensure that Hindus maintain population growth. Our Population is continuously declining and Muslims population is increasing 9 to 15%. Our population growth must not fall. Democracy is game of numbers. Remember J&K never had Hindu CM.
  7. Use Social Media, Facebook, Twitter – Engage with youth, and spread your message. Follow the all strategy to connect maximum people.
  8. Free the all temples from Government control. Use temple funds to helps poor, marginalized. Run missionary organisation ISKCON.
  9. Create body like Vatican, SGPC, AIMPLB to organise all Hindus, for collective effort. Without them we can not work united. Support all related organisation like ISKCON, RSS, VHP,
  10. Silent revolution. It means we we should focus less on publicity but more on work. No christian or Islamic missions glorify their religious conversion mission.

Appeal to all readers: Please share this idea. please start requesting Sadhu, Saints to wake up and play their significant role. Religious fight ideally should come from religious body and institutions. A Political party is not best suitable.

Again Reminding you: “||Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah||” यदि हम धर्म की रक्षा करते हैं तो वह हमारी रक्षा करता है।

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