Every country needs a responsible and constructive opposition, but the opposition parties of India headed by the grand old Congress is out to defame India internationally and demean Hinduism in its bid to defame Modi government and Modi personally.

The Congress’ Tool Kit for targeting Modi government management of Covid crisis includes a diabolical plan to block beds in friendly hospitals, which would naturally create scarcity of beds and later get it released on Congress’ request to people of their choice. Then later amplify the so-called ‘help’ by Congress frontal organisations in releasing blocked beds and medical equipments in media through Congress friendly media.

Below is the point by point analysis of this fiendish strategy for defaming Modi.


  • The Congress hatched a diabolical plan to block beds in ‘friendly hospitals’ through local politicians in cities, which are to be released only on requests from the Congress frontal organisations.
  • The plan was to create social media team which would send DMs to requests for help from people by Covid patients and ask them to tag Youth Congress twitter handle IYC for help.
  • Then spring into action get the blocked beds released, get medical equipments and medicine supplies shored up from the market by Congress friendly black marketeers like, Navneet Kalra and distribute it to people who tag the IYC in social media.
  • Then ask these people to thank the IYC in social media and get Congress friendly journalists and media to amplify their so-called “help” in the media as great saviours.
  • This abhorrent vulture like strategy was used to show BJP in poor light.
  • This strategy was put into action as tons of articles and social media posts could be seen praising IYC’s Srinivas for his efforts to help people get hospital beds, Oxygen cylinders and medicine supplies.
  • In fact, even a Congress friendly New Zealand embassy staffer was used to send a social media request to SOSIYC for Oxygen cylinders bypassing a request to the the central government. The matter was later taken up by EAM Jayashankar and the New Zealand Prime Minister also apologised for the faux pas.
  • The Tool Kit also makes a special mention of taking special care of friendly media journalists and social influencers by taking care of their needs in priority.

This tweet shows the media amplifiers of Congress Tool Kit


The Congress party after this expose should be booked for creation of artificial scarcity of beds during a pandemic and shoring up medical supplies, which would have cost many peoples’ lives. After a thorough investigation by the central agencies on the number of beds artificially blocked by Congress politicians at various levels, the Congress party’s head Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi should be booked for murder.

It is beyond imagination the extent to which the Sonia Gandhi’s family goes to destroy India in a vindictiveness for not voting them to power. They should be held responsible for mass murder for blocking hospital beds and hoarding essential medical supplies through nefarious characters jeopardising peoples lives, which were later released by Congress just for being seen as ‘saviours’ and defaming Modi administration.

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