Maulana Umar Gautam, the mastermind of the jihadi conversion mafia exposed by the Uttar Pradesh ATS, has reportedly met jihadi terror preacher Zakir Naik several times. Not only that, Maulana Umar Gautam has also received funds from him for his nefarious conversion activities several times.
Umar Gautam has also reportedly revealed to the UP ATS during his interrogation, of receiving funds from the Islamist Jihadi MP Badruddin Ajmal, the chief of overtly jihadi political party AIUDF which is a political ally of the Indian National Congress party in Assam.
Badruddin Ajmal is under scanner of the central agencies for receiving funds from terror organisations abroad for his various NGOs running in Assam. Though Badruddin Ajmal has reportedly denied his ties with Umar Gautam and his Islamic Dawah Centre, the Assam government is very likely to take this matter up seriously and investigate into the revelations made by Umar Gautam.

According to reports, the police investigations have found several pieces of evidence connecting links f the conversion racket run by Umar Gautam to England and Singapore. Daily new evidences are emerging in the case revealing a multi-national network conspiracy to subvert India through conversion jihad.

A Zee News report has revealed today that world’ most wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed has been funding many Madrasas and Islamic institutions in India to promote conversions and Islamic radicalism in India for his cherished goal of Ghazwa-e-Hind. The Uttar Pradesh ATS has also found in its interrogation of Maulana Umar Gautam and Qazi Mufti Jahangir Alam that Hafiz Saeed has been funding the Islamic Dawah Centre for conversions through his so-called charitable institution called Falah-e-Insaniyat by routing the money through Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait.

The Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh is very serious about getting to the bottom of this jihadi conversion racket which has targeted over 1000 people across the count.

On June 20th the UP ATS arrested mastermind Maulana Umar Gautam, President of the Islamic Dawah Centre, and Qazi Mufti Jahangir Alam for running a massive conversion racket that targeted conversions of young vulnerable Hindus from poor families by offering them free food, shelter and education facilities.

The devious duo and their network of Islamic institutions did not spare even deaf and dumb children lodged in residential schools and converted over two dozen of them to Islam without their parent’s approval. They also trafficked away the converted children from Noida to southern states, while their parents filed missing complaints with the UP police.

The dubious duo also employed many Muslim boys to entrap poor Hindu girls in ‘love relationships’ and later coerce them to convert to Islam on marriage. Their network of Islamist preachers also ensured that the Hindus after conversion are radicalised to spread hatred against Hinduism and incite communal riots.

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