Missionary organisation says the pandemic is a boon to them and has yielded more conversions than in the last 25 years

The whole world is grappling with the raging Covid-19 pandemic which has resulted in many losing their loved ones and being hit by financial crises due to job loss and costly medical expenses.

Christian missionaries and international evangelist network saw this as a boon for harvesting poor and vulnerable Hindu souls in India and converting them to Christianity by taking advantage of the desperate situation.

The predatory missionary vultures used many strategies during this period to lure many vulnerable Hindus to Christianity. They went around proselytizing in hospitals, using many Christian nurses and doctors to sell Jesus as a miracle God who can only cure their loved ones.

It is a well known fact now that how Dr Johnrose Austin Jayalal, the current Indian Medical Association chief, misused his position and office to promote conversions of Hindu Christianity by leveraging Christian doctors, nurses and other health professionals for the purpose in conjunction with Pastors. His aversion to Ayurveda, Sanskrit and Hinduism was very clear by his statements to evangelist organisations, Christian Today and Haggai International.

A CEO of Evangelist organisation, UnfoldingWord, David Reeves in an interview to Missionary Network News (MNN), boasted their achievement of converting over a lakh people during the pandemic in India by saying, “In just one year nearly 50,000 churches were built in 50,000 new villages in India”.

He also stated that they have achieved much more conversions and planted more churches than they ever could in the last 25 years. As the Pandemic provided them a fertile ground to striking gold by converting people in distress. The UnfoldingWord works with strategy to plant churches in every village, even where there are no Christians and draw villagers to Christianity through a host of fraudulent devices. Translating Bible in local languages, plagiarising Vishnu Saharanama and other religious Stotras as Jesus Namavalis to befool gullible villagers into believing Jesus as the latest avtaar of Lord Vishnu.

Their main technique of conversions is by promising financial assistance, medical treatment and educational facilities. They also very cunningly employ the converted villagers as Pastors to convert the whole village to Christianity. They specialise in creating Christ villages where the entire village is converted to Christianity and the local temple housing the Village Diety is removed, broken and converted to Church. Idol worship and Hindu Gods are called Satans and hatred for Hinduism and holy Hindu saints is filled in the minds of the villagers.

This is a very alarming phenomenon and many Hindus are not even aware of the concept of Church Planting and what is hitting them, till they realise that several people around them are converted to Christianity within a span of small time.


Missionaries send Pastors to a village having negligible or no Christians and inhabited by a majority of Hindus. Thenin the guise of providing medical and educational services they very slyly start introducing Jesus and Bible to the gullible villagers. They also spread hatred against Hinduism by abusing idol worship as Devil worship and claiming that they are visited by all evil because of worshipping ‘False Gods’ and in no time convert people to Christianity.

When csome Hindus resist building of Churches in Gram Sabha land, where there are no Christians, the Pastors threaten them with foisting false cases against them under the SC/ST Act. Thus they silence whatever little resistance they come across and soon the whole village is converted to Christianity. These villages are then called Christ Village.

The wily Christian missionaries choose Hindu or Buddhist or Sikh dominated villages for this nefarious activity and For this purpose, they construct or in their terms plant a church in every Hindu, Sikh, or Buddhist majority village. They do not leave out those villages which are Muslim dominated.

Thus, the UnfoldingWord calls the pandemic a divine blessing which enabled it to achieve more success in the conversion business in India than it ever could in the past 25 years. Massive foreign funds are pumped into the missionary organisations and their fronts in India who claim to do social service, but channelise these funds for conversions.

The vulturism of these rabid evangelist organisations is insidiously changing the demography of India and poses a challenge even to the central government as these converted people are leveraged for violent protests against benevolent policies pursued by Government of India, like the CAA or the revolutionising new Farm Laws. So not only are they destroying temples and insulting Hindu religious beliefs, but are also using these converted people to work against the national interest in favour of powers inimical to India.

Image sourced from: Mission Kaali

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