After 2 years of the outbreak of the Chinese Coronavirus, we’re yet to know the origin. Currently, two theories exist: Chinese coronavirus came from bats eaten by the Chinese, in essence, it’s a natural virus. Second: lab leak theory: coronavirus (SARS-Cov2) leaked from Wuhan Institute of Virology (China).

Now if it’s a natural virus, how it survived at any temperature, and how did it keeps mutilating itself – is this just coincidence that it originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2019? Which has one of the biggest virus research labs.

China informed WHO in 2021 that WIV will conduct virus research but that no such work had ever been done on the “gain on the function” of the bat coronavirus.

Gain-of-function research focuses on viruses that have been genetically modified in a lab using animal viruses to make them more contagious to humans.

The National Biosafety Laboratory of China’s Director, Professor Yuan Zhiming, said to Global times, “Before December 30, 2019, WIV did not contact, preserve or study the novel coronavirus, and it never designed, made or leaked the virus… No employees or students at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were infected with the coronavirus… No pathogen leakage or human infection has occurred in Wuhan’s P4 lab since it was put into operation in 2018.”

Nonetheless, a scientist from the United States who was employed by WIV first refuted this assertion made by China.

Dr. Andrew G. Huff is an expert in bioterrorism and biowarfare. He was a scientist and vice president for an American bio-research NGO called EcoHealth Alliance.

Fewer individuals today may claim that Huff is lying because of an American plot to malign China.

Huff, though, didn’t just target China; he also attacked the USA. He said that WIV was conducting gain-in-function research on bat coronavirus and that EcoHealth Alliance had funded the study. He then declared he would proceed with it.


He said that Ecohealth Alliance was supported by the American Government Department NIH and that the American Medical Industrial Complex NIH granted Ecohealth Alliance $3 million USD (Rs 2400 crore) for gain in function research, with $600,000 (Rs 500 crore) of that amount going to WIV.

Anthony Fauci, the top virus researcher in the world, served as the director of the NIH. Fauci testified under oath to the US Congress in May 2022 that he never gave money to WIV for gain in function studies. However, NIH acknowledged in October 2022 that it had supported WIV through the EcoHealth Alliance.

According to the reports, The NIH’s acknowledgment of financing for gain-of-function research runs counter to the position made by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading disease specialist in the USA, who has vehemently denied any such thing.

Fauci lied to the US Congress, thus. But why?
Does it mean what Andrew G. Huff said in his book was accurate? The medical industrial complex and the American government sponsor the coronavirus, which was created in a Chinese facility and spread from there.

The majority of the money for the Covid outbreak went to a group of pharmaceutical companies, most of whom are American. When an epidemic breaks out, this MIC will profit greatly.
Now, what is the connection between the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Coronavirus,  EcoHealth, the US government, the NIH, the MIC, and Dr. Fauci?

Bill Gates is a close friend of Dr. Anthony Fauci. The Gates Foundation is the primary global funder of the Covid vaccination.

There are numerous ideas that the Gates vaccine program is being opposed by the deep state, the NWO, and the #Died movement. One world government, supremacy, and control all at once

Despite the fact that Gates has consistently refuted these allegations and maintained that he acts purely for the benefit of humanity, it is also true that up to this point, anyone raising these issues has been silenced and/or had their accounts suspended (Twitter files on Covid news suppression).

According to an opinion piece published in the Week, The NIH provided patchy funding for COVID research as well. Nearly $1.2 billion was spent on long-term COVID research by the NIH, but hardly any on research into masks, acquired immunity, COVID in children, or vaccination side effects. Ironically, my team’s data shows that in the first year of the epidemic, the NIH invested more than twice as much in aging research as it did in COVID research. I’m all for study on ageing, but not when a brand-new virus is claiming the lives of thousands of Americans every day.

The most-read papers of 2022 were listed in The Publication of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the most widely read medical journal. The top three pieces discussed the finding of mRNA vaccine particles in breast milk, myocarditis following COVID vaccination, and research on the longevity of natural immunity that I oversaw at Johns Hopkins. None of the three received funding from the NIH; Dr. Fauci and other public health experts all downplayed their importance.

This topic poses some queries rather than offering evidence. It is important to understand why 8-10 million people around the globe died.

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