Till now we have mostly looked at the Cow as a ‘Mother’ from a Dhaarmik perspective and have never really emphasized how this honor has deep roots in the birth of our economy which led to Bharat being Bharat – The greatest civilization ever on Bhoomi Devi!

I have come across many understandings by renowned and learned persons and scientific organizations (National and International) as to why Cow has been addressed as ‘Mother’ since time immemorial in Bharat. These are mainly:

  1. Cow is the most sentient of all animals
  2. The next birth/janam of a cow is as a human being
  3. Cow has Devis and Devatas residing in every part of its body
  4. Cow only gives and never asks for anything, just like a mother
  5. Kamdhenu/Surabhi – The divine cow who fulfils all wishes as per ancient Hindu texts
  6. Spending time with a cow has healing potential

All these and many more explanations are true, however we tend to overlook one very critical aspect related to her being addressed as ‘mother’ and that is the economic angle. How she gave birth to our Economy even before the Vedas were written. This country and our great civilization stands today solely because of ‘Gau Mata’.

Cow is mentioned more than a 1000 times in the four Vedas and is addressed as Aghanya (never to be violated), Ahi (not to be killed), Aditi never to be cut into pieces) and so on.

‘Gomaye Vaste Lakshmi'(Lakshmi resides in the Cow) is mentioned in the Upanishads, ‘Gavo vishwasya matarah'(Cow is the mother of the World) is mentioned in our scriptures.

Do these look to be tall claims? Or just random thoughts by our Rishis? Not at all! It is a written description of the truth in those times.

In ancient Egypt, Iraq and Syria we see the Cow as a religious symbol. Even in the Bible, when Moses (pre-Judaism) was collecting the Ten Commandments, the people of those times while waiting for him grew afraid since it had been days, went back to their ‘pagan'(as mentioned in the Bible) gods and built a Golden ‘Calf’! So everywhere the Cow was worshiped.

Wherever Cows have been wiped out or not given importance, there has been problems of drought or famine or other natural disasters like the case of Alan Savory or or Africa’s Rinderpest episode.

We see the Cow even in the seals of Indus Valley Civilization.

Nowadays almost all western countries are running to patent Co-Urine and Cow Dung of indigenous cow breeds as they have proven medicinal effects for a variety of diseases and health conditions.

Even now, if we analyse, a Cow based economy can be real once again whether cosmetics or supplements or medicines or agriculture or industries! There are young entrepreneurs who are doing this currently. Completely natural, organic and sustainable and economic with guaranteed no side effects!

The Cow gave us milk, cow urine, cow dung, ghee, paneer, curd, etc and other milk products and by-products along with tilling agricultural land, helping with irrigating the lands, cow dung manure, helping in cutting the produce and then transporting it too! So you see how it sustained us for thousands of years since it did everything from food to business to transport!

And last but not the least, the tradition of ‘Gau’ daan to Brahmins is proof of the immense and total utility of a cow to support the livelihood of one family!

For more detailed info on verses in the Vedas and Smritis please read:





Gau Mata ki Jay Ho! With the end of this article I request each one to please adopt a cow, protect a abandoned cow, never let anyone violate/abuse it, support a Gaushala by cash or kind and promise to forever bow down with gratitude when a cow appears before you! If Gau Mata survives only then we will survive! And if Gau Mata is respected only then will our Civilization shine as Vishwaguru once again! Dhanyawaad!


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