Referral Code 2022 6edbgmeqvp Get Free $25 Bonus

2022 Referral Code Copy And Paste In Your Referral Code Section – 6edbgmeqvp

Get a free $25 bonus in the app you can also use this referral code on the exchange. exchange Bonus – $50 Worth of cro directly in your account.

How To Use Referral Code In Exchange

Step 1 – Go to the

Step 2 – If you already have an account then simply go to the Dashboard/Events & Rewards/Referral You can see a button saying Enter a referral code here just click and paste this referral code – 6edbgmeqvp

Step 2 For App – Open the app then go to Settings/Referral Code Enter this referral code – 6edbgmeqvp

Step 3 – That’s it now you can enjoy your free referral bonus.


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