Who are Dadi’s of Shaheen Bagh?? , and What did they Say during Shaheen Bagh Protest

Shaheen Bagh was a protest that was funded and planned  by anti-India groups like PFI, Urban Naxals and tukde tukde gang

The public commuting road was blocked illegally and thousands of citizens faced problems for 3 months ..

The funny part was that they were protesting against CAA , which has nothing to do with Indian Citizens ..

Two Prominant Names ; #BilkisBano (82 yrs) and #AsmaKhatoon(90 yrs)

Bilkis (Daadi of Shaheen Bagh) , 82 yr old women who once said 
 India is our birthplace. We can have all the documents, but our fight is for those who can not have documents to prove their citizenship, – So it means she was fighting for those who are illegally living in India ..

Bilkis Bano once said – “Are our students even safe on their campuses? Was it right to barge inside the campus and assault students in this manner? Is this ‘beti bachao beti padhao?’ – This means it was clear that anti india fragment of campuses (Jamia and JNU) were actively involved in feeding them wrong information

Asma said – “Today they are trying to divide us on the basis of religion and will follow it up with caste discrimination. – So clearly religion-caste card was well-played bas on their presumptions.

Asma also said “CAA singles out Muslims” – So it means she gave CAA a Communal Color 

Asma  Said “PM does not know pain of losing children,” how can a person take care of the whole country when he cannot maintain his own family.
– So it means protest was all about the personal Attack on PM.

The irony is international Magazines are recognising those who were part of Well planned Anti national activity against My country

So Shaheen Bagh was a Sham and this so-called dadis were pawns in a bigger anti-india break India nexus 

Source – Internet Media Articles

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