Islamist goons are increasingly attacking Hindu activists and Hindu community in Delhi raising serious concerns of safety and communal harmony. On Saturday night an Islamist mob attacked a Dalit Hindu basti in Sarai Kale Khan with bare sticks, knifes, swords and stones to punish them for not preventing an interfaith marriage between 22 year old Dalit Hindu boy Sumit and 19 year old Muslim girl Khushi.

In a video, the couple relate their ordeal and threat to their lives and Sumit’s family from Kushi’s family and another local Muslim goon’s daughter, who has been unleashing terror on their whole colony in Sarai Kale Khan due to their inter-faith marriage.

In the video, 22 year old Dalit Hindu man says that he married 19 year old Kushi, who is a Muslim as they loved each other a lot. He says they married secretly on 17th March secretly as the couple as the girl’s family had threatened them severely with dire consequences for wanting to marry.

In the video, the couple beseech the Prime Minister and the President to provide them security from the murderous mob led by a woman named Sabina, daughter of a local Muslim mafia man named Sulaiman who came with her goons and unleashed terror in their whole locality ever since the two got married.

The girl can be seen stating in the video that, “I am Khushi and 19 years old, I married out of my own volition with Sumit and my father’s name is Majid. My family is against my marriage and our life is in danger so I appeal to the honourable Prime Minister and the President to give us protection.”

Sumit tells in the video, the Muslim mob attacked all the Hindus living in his locality on not finding him and Kushi there, as they had moved out for safety elsewhere. The mob had come to murder Khushi, him and his family members on Saturday night. Sumit also discloses the fact that Kushi’s family and the local Muslim goonda’s daughter had threatened to kill his father several times in the past too.

Kreately media is covering this story on the ground with a view to let the nation know the threat faced by Sumit, Khushi, Sumit’s family and the entire Dalit Hindu neighbourhood from the Islamist murderous goons just because a girl from the Muslim community chose to marry a Hindu Dalit boy.

Kreately will stand with them and relentlessly campaign for their protection and seek immediate arrest and prosecution of the murderous Islamist mob and the girl’s family for putting her, Sumit and his family’s life in danger and causing mayhem in the entire locality.

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