Love Jihad is nothing new for Hindus in India and in the diaspora.  Muslim men of all ages are encouraged by their asmani kitab to groom kafir women, i.e. Hindu women in India by hook or crook in order to score brownie points with 72 hoors in the supposed afterlife.  These men target young impressionable girls (story below) and often pretend to be Hindus and start families with Hindu women only to come out with their true identities later on.  Many make pornographic videos with Hindu women and later blackmail the woman in hopes that she will convert over to their cult and the videos would go viral if she refuses.  Many Muslim men coordinated efforts have been running grooming gangs in the UK targeting females and drawing them in with love or sex overtures.  Numerous Afghani and some Syrian refugee men have been in the news about raping women – some have raped even mentally challenged women and pregnant women! – over the years ever since a disproportionately large number of Muslim men began to arrive on the European shores.

Love Jihad is a term used to lure women under the guise of romance, though Sex Jihad is a more pertinent term given the actual act performed by Muslims on non-Muslim women.

Do read the heart-wrenching story below.  There is no doubt that many such stories happen but never get reported out of shame or soft spots of liberal media outlets towards Islamists in general.

Below is a story from the Greek City Times:

17-year-old Nicoletta was tragically killed on Monday, allegedly by her 30-year-old boyfriend identified as Sani. The teenage girl insisted on a relationship with her adult Pakistani partner despite opposition from her father. Meanwhile, one can walk around on a Friday or Saturday night in Athens and see many Greek teenage girls like Nicoletta with their adult Pakistani boyfriends, signifying that the “Love Jihad” phenomena has arrived in Greece from Pakistan.

Hindu girls from Punjab in Pakistan and North India to Kerala in South India have been trapped, coerced, kidnapped and/or feigned into relationships/marriages with Muslim men that have ulterior motives outside of love – conversion to Islam.

The Islamification of women under the veil of love is not only reduced to South Asia’s Hindu population though – Buddhists have also reportedly been targeted by Muslim Rohingya men in Myanmar and Christians in Kerala. Similar complaints have been made by the UK’s Sikh community.

Frighteningly, two hundreds years after Islamic extremism and jihadism was eliminated from Athens following independence from the Ottoman Empire, it appears that the mass arrival of Pakistani men has also meant the arrival of “Love Jihad” to the Greek capital.

As Directus reported, “they target innocent Greek girls in the name of love.”

Often young impressionable teenage girls, detached from the reality of cultural differences and education standards because of manipulation from the dominant Western liberal ideology in Greece, defy their parents by believing it is rebellious to date older Muslim men, usually Pakistani or Afghani.

However, as the murder of Nicoletta demonstrates, – allegedly by her 30-year-old Pakistani boyfriend, who for a time was living in the same apartment as his girlfriend, her mother and her sister, and was even given a key – ignoring these realities can have deadly consequences.

As the father said, he not only disapproved of the relationship, but of any type of relationship with “these people”.

“Finally, here it is, what happened. She thought that her relationship will be very good and here is the result,” he said.

This of course is not meant to gloss over or ignore cases of femicide by Greek husbands and partners, but there is an undeniable pattern, even if authorities choose not to publish official reports that will show just how disproportionate Pakistani crimes are in Greece compared to the general population.

Consider that in only the last few days Nicoletta was allegedly murdered by her Pakistani partner, two Pakistani men allegedly raped a woman in Serifosand three Afghanis in Thessaloniki were kidnapped by four Pakistanis for ransom money.

As Pakistani officials have said in recent weeks, including Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Speaker of the National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf and Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Pakistan is a brotherly country of Turkey and will continue to support its occupation of northern Cyprus.

With Pakistanis in Greece sexually assaulting women in high numbers, as well as murdering, thieving and extorting, all whilst Islamabad continues to strongly back Turkey against Greece and Cyprus at every opportunity, it appears that Love Jihad is the next provocation against Greeks to have arrived.

Impressionable youth, often with good intentions with their anti-fascist ideologies, are blinded from reality.

Although one can very easily oppose fascism in all its forms, this should also extend to Islamic fascism and should not mean that one is blinded to cultural, religious, educational and ideological differences and realities.

The harsh reality is that some cultures are not compatible with others. Greek culture, and its various strands, whether it be traditional or liberalised, is in stark opposition to the Islamic political-cultural system and norms of Pakistan.

Greece as a modern democracy has no similarities to an Islamic Republic like Pakistan. In fact, the modern Greek state was built on the expulsion and overcoming of radical Islamic jihadism, an ideology that Islamabad promotes, finances and exports.

After 400 years of Ottoman occupation, Greeks as a people have a historical memory of Islamic jihadism, unlike Western Europeans. We should therefore not be influenced by their naivety to the dangers of radical Islam and all its strategies – including Love Jihad.

Only 62.3% of Pakistanis are literate according to government data, and this does not take into account how many were educated in madrassas – extremist Islamic schools.

It should not be overlooked that Pakistan, as an Islamic Republic, has diametrically opposed outlooks to women’s rights, education and tolerance compared to Greece.

Jihad is a fundamental part of the Pakistani psyche, hence their support for Turkey’s occupation of northern Cyprus, Azerbaijan’s occupation of historically Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh and their own occupation of India’s Jammu and Kashmir.

The idea of jihad has now moved beyond territorial conquest though, and now even targets the very demographics of a country with the hope of converting non-Muslim women to Islam.

During the 1990s, the then president of Turkey, Turgut Özal, provocatively boasted: “We do not need to make war with Greece. We just need to send them a few million immigrants and finish with them.”

Since 2015, Greece has seen a wave of migrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan, posing as Syrian refugees, enter the country in their hundreds of thousands, with Turkey not only doing nothing to stop the flow, but in fact encourage it.

With tens of thousands (or perhaps even over 100,000) Pakistanis illegally residing in Greece, rape and sexual assault has skyrocketed since 2015.

This is compounded by the fact that the overwhelming majority of these illegal immigrants are single men, and the lack of Muslim women in Greece makes them especially seek Greek girls.

With Antifa ideology having strong influence over Greek youth, it has blinded and endangered them to realities and cultural differences – all for the sake of not being branded as a racist and to be seen as open-minded, cosmopolitan and liberal.

As seen with the case of Nicoletta, Love Jihad can have deadly consequences as these cultural differences, where women are viewed as something to be conquered for the production of more Muslim children in Greece, can boil over – even into murder.

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