Aryan is 18. He has Autism. His father is a farmer. His parents tried their level best to get him treated, but all in vain.

Aryan has some co-morbid symptoms as well. These symptoms include speech impairment and behavioural issues. He joined Vaishishtyam last January at VatsalyaGram.

Since January, Aryan is showing symptoms of significant improvement. He is an improved singer now, and he has a substantial rate of improved management of anger and other behavioural issues.

Today is Autism Awareness Day. Vaishishtyam, a school dedicated to specially-abled children like Aryan, is getting benefitted from the skilled trainers and teachers staying with the children in the hostel. Vaishishtyam organized Autism Awareness Day, and vaishishtyam will continue it for the next week.

Looking at the commendable job of Vaishishtyam, under the aegis of Pujya Didi, Maa Ritambhara Ji has partnered with prestigious ONGC Ltd, and as a CSR initiative, a four-storey is constructed on the premises of VatsalyaGram.

More than 18 million children have Autism in the country. Looking at this vast number, all of us must make it aware across the masses that Vaishishtyam, in VatsalyaGram, is having skilled trainers and teachers to understand, converse and take proper care of these children.

Vaishishtyam: – An Extended Step
This is hard but imperative for us all as a society. A social unit can never deprive its children of the basic necessity of care, love and affection.
The fundamental challenge with these children is that the parents are also fed up with taking that extra step to understand what they need, desire, and demand. That extra and extended step of sitting with them, understanding, having a conversation and offering a proper solution is what they need.
Vaishishtyam, in VatsalyaGram, is dedicated to the needs, wants and demands of these children. The results and the outcomes of the practices adopted by the highly skilled trainers make sure that they control and manage their behavioural issues, gain health benefits and score over these ailments.

All the steps taken by Vaishishtyam in VatsalyaGram, is like a walk on the road less travelled. This road has less traffic. But, the kind of efforts, attempts and initiatives taken by Vaishishtyam need your support.

This support makes sure to feed or treat these children who need us. They need our consistent help and care.

Support Vaishishtyam and VatsalyaGram to stand tall and extend another big step to do what is needed, i.e., Support, Love, and hold them tight, Who needs this support.

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