WhatsApp is the best ever and the most popular instant messaging software. The creators of the chat software wanted an ad-free revenue model for users by charging them $1 per year after a year’s trial usage. However, Facebook Inc acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for a huge amount of 19B$, made it available for free to its users with an obvious plan to integrate it with facebook for maximum extraction of its user-base at the cost of not only user’s privacy BUT ALSO most importantly the righteousness of the society. This plan is now out in the open and being executed as clearly evident from the new privacy policy.

Power Without Social Accountability Is Dangerous

What we witnessed last week in the USA was a glimpse of digital colonization. Allowing monopoly to Tech Giants like FB is like handing over power to them which is far greater than the functioning governments. This is HUGE WAKEUP call, and no opportunity should be wasted in reducing the Big Tech’s big power, else the future of our democratic world will be decided by Big Tech remote controlled by ideologies with ‘My-Way-Or-Highway’ philosophy!

With more power comes more responsibility; but when power comes to profit-minded businesses who do not take any responsibility towards righteous society then the onus lies on the collective consciousness of the society to take steps of attacking such adharmic businesses where it hurts the most.

Irrespective of whether Mark Zuckerberg rollbacks/amends the privacy policies, we MUST delete & uninstall WhatsApp much before the deadline of agreement of Feb 8.

WhatsApp has to go. No emotions attached.

It is people like you and me – the end user – who made these Big Tech BIG. More the numbers of users, more the power they get, to the extent that righteousness steps aside and profit only speaks.

Mark Zuckerberg & His Unethical Ways

It is important to know the nature and intentions of the owner & founder of the biggest social media software currently ruling the world before deciding to shun his product.

Make No Mistake – There Is Every POSSIBILITY Of This Being True!

Mark was part of the of ‘U-Connect’ Team Project (at Harvard University) of which he stole the social media source code to build his own social media portal as the present FB that we know. He later got sued by the project mates for stealing the idea (and not the source code!).

Also, Zucky was barred from admin access to facebook servers by FB stakeholders when they learnt about his ‘naughty’ habit of reading private data of FB users.

Facebook literally killed Orkut & reduced MySpace to DJ type music portal! Both were right on top more than a decade ago during the advent of social media.  FB could tame Orkut in spite of Google owning it – but the two Tech Giants decided not to overstep into each other’s space.

It is the same Zuck who wanted to monopolize The Internet via his internet-dot-org project which righteous people across the digital globe opposed with full force. That is when it was evident that this shrewd businessman is in a hurry to take full ownership of his users – which are in billions – to use them as products for his marketing clients.

This desire of Mark was later evident when he bought WhatsApp at a mammoth price of 19B$. Many believed it was too much for a messaging app, but Mark thinks BIG and long term.

And yes, do not fall for his philanthropic acts (or stories).

Excerpt from this MUST read article revealing shocking information on Zuckerberg

WhatsApp Founders Exited Facebook

WhatsApp founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum never liked the idea of exploiting users as products to marketing companies via ads. Hence they induced a win-win payment model between the user and WhatsApp wherein a user has to pay 1$ annually after a year of ‘trial’ usage. Once FB took over in 2014, WhatsApp was declared as free – much to the delight of naive users.

Acton and Koum left the company in 2017 and 2018. Brian spoke about his departure, which followed the decision to introduce ads to WhatsApp, and has called for people to “delete Facebook.”

Koum’s exit from Facebook Inc was also surrounded by reports that he had clashed with management over the company’s approach to user privacy on WhatsApp.

Now, The Devil – The Known Details On Privacy Policy

If A Service Is FREE, Then Users Become The Product
This News Article Pretty Much Covers The New WhatsApp Policy & The Privacy Concerns

Avoid Wait-And-Watch & Falling For Fake Narratives!

Yes, they will make fun, some jokes will be made on deletion of WhatsApp & such make-believe narratives will soon be circulated because nothing on ground will be visible immediately to back this decision and action of dumping WhatsApp. This is akin to the humongous price that MZ invested in WhatsApp – that everyone wondered why – and now it is visible, as a small but clear hint.

Mark has already started circulating his defenses, counter/convincing arguments via various MSM now which could help retain his WhatsApp use base. Note that articles like “WhatsApp new privacy policy will not impact your conversations‚Ķ” will be floating around in big news-papers/portals are simply presstitutes printing paid news.

Considering what Mark Zuckerberg is, even if he rolls back the new policies, it’s better to reduce his power by exiting WhatsApp. Each one of us should. The world will not come to end, but continuing WhatsApp due to inertia will empower FB with power much greater than many heads!

So, too much power (number of users) to Zuckerberg is not good.

It will even appear foolish later, but in the long run it will help hurt the Big Tech in the right place. We recently saw how much damage they are capable of inflicting.

As a FIRST STEP towards decolonizing digital democracy, one MUST grab this opportunity to punch this mighty Big Tech. Others will start behaving.

Should I Exit Facebook?

Not required, if you are actively campaigning on it for a bigger cause – simply because there is no other alternative (facebook destroyed them all). Exploit facebook to expose the adharmic network facebook is part of! Similarly exploit twitter as well until we get a quality platform which we can move to.

Never link your phone number with facebook.

Delete facebook if you simply use it for being a mini (or micro) celebrity within your friends/family circles. Trust me, no one on facebook cares about you; and the ones who truly care about you are not on facebook!

The need of the hour is for us to care about the future generations, what world are we going to give it to them.

Steps To Follow before 31st January

  • If you are the admin/creator of your WhatsApp group, then immediately create a new group on your new messenger (signal or Telegram) with the same group image and share the group link in your WhatsApp group for members to move;
  • Make sure you change the settings so that only admins can post messages in your WhatsApp group during this transition.
  • Remove admin rights of other members so that there is almost no activity in the WhatsApp group and the last message visible to the group is the link of the new group.
  • Ensure you share the link to this article as well as additional justification – because this move is not just for privacy reasons alone!
  • Share this article to individuals via DM so that they come out of their wait-and-watch mode and do it quick. They already have installed the alternative and simply waiting for the world to move.
  • If you are not a WhatsApp admin and only a passive reader, then share this article in the group or to the admin, and tell them that you are taking the required step.
  • Most importantly DELETE your WhatsApp. Simply ONLY Uninstalling is not enough.


  • Do not wait till 8th Feb. Just Do It!
  • Some may feel the withdrawal symptoms. Don’t worry, it will go away.
  • Initially it may feel awkward, but moving on fully, mentally is the only way.
  • Backup manually absolutely important data/chats only.
  • Friends who make fun of this are not friends.
  • Do not worry about the data that you created on your mobile phone. That will remain except your own written text chats.
  • Be firm with the decision and do not get intimidated by casual requests by your addictive friends/relatives. They will anyways join you.
  • Be firm.

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