The on going investigation of delhi riots of february, 2020 which happened dyrijg the Anti-CAA protests is unveiling several stunning layers of the investigation. Delhi police has disclosed the subverting agendas of various organizations and individuals, who deliberately conspired against the government and engineered the catastrophic riots to hamper and peace and tranquility of the capital.

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Delhi police’s investigation continues to take several turns, exposing the accused. Meanwhile, over the death of one of the accused, Parvez (48) who sccumbed to a bullet and later died, Delhi police has submitted its chargesheet to the court where it asserted that no weapon was found at his abode, leading to dropping of arms act even before the trial could be run.

It has also been revealed that all mobile phone data of days when riots were unfolding and CCTV footages of incidents remains deleted. It clearly suggests that the riots were pre planned. The chargesheet named sixteen people as main accused with murder and rioting.

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Delhi police has also presented CDR analysis which proves that all accused persons named in chargesheet were present at the place of occurrence at the time of commission of the offence.

Answering a plea, made to grant bail to a riot accused school owner, Faisal farooq, the trial court had granted him a bail. Now, Delhi police has sought to get it cancelled. The police in its investigation claimed that the complainants, his son and a witness had received threat calls. They also revealed that they were being threatened some people on his behalf

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