There are only a handful of people who are fighting the battle against Abrahamic Iconoclasm for the oldest existing civilization, Bharat. But it’s sad to see the administration that claims to be the only political shield defending the punyabhumi turn a blind eye and not do enough for the security of these “Handful of Warriors”. Vineet Jindal an attorney for the Supreme Court and one such warrior in conversation with Kreately Media expressed his grief and anger toward the Delhi Police for not providing him and his family enough security. He is being provided with only one PSO that too only for the day time. Vineet Jindal lives with his wife and a son and the safety of his family is what perturbs him.

Vineet Jindal, an attorney for the Supreme Court, received threats on his life on Tuesday night and has requested the Delhi Police for protection. The unidentified letter received by Jindal said, “Allah ka paigham hai Vineet Jindal, tera bhi sar tan se juda karenge jald hi.” Translated as “It’s Allah’s word, Vineet Jindal; we’ll behead you soon.”

Vineet Jindal had complained the Khadim of Ajmer Dargah and Anjuman committee member Adil Chishty with the Delhi Police and most probably this is the reason behind the arrival of the death threat to him.  According to the sources, Jindal told the Delhi Police that he had received the anonymous letter after returning home on July 26 at about 8:30 pm. Jindal had requested security from them. His home has CCTV, but the people who threw the piece of paper with the threat on it escaped detection.

आज जिहादियों ने मेरा भी सर तन से जुदा कर ने की धमकी दी मेरे घर पर भेजा गया ये ।मेरी व मेरे परिवार की जान को ख़तरा हे ये बात पहेले ही दिल्ली पुलिस मन चुकी हे @cp_delhi @DCP_NorthWest से आग्रह हे की इस पर करवाही करे ।

— Adv.Vineet Jindal (@vineetJindal19) July 26, 2022

He moved to Twitter to post the letter and requested DCP Northwest to look into the problem. “Today the jihadis threatened to separate my head from my body and sent it to my house. This is a threat to my life and my family’s life, Delhi Police has already agreed to this. @cp_delhi @DCP_NorthWest I request you to take action on this.”

In the application he submitted to the Delhi Police, Jindal also stated that he had previously received similar threat texts and calls. Jindal said, “Earlier as well, I have received threat messages and calls from the US, Taiwan, and Canada, about which I had complained to the Delhi Police. Please investigate the matter.”

To Kreately Media, Vineet Jindal stated that he is one of the complainant regarding the PM security breach and since then he is subject to death threats from Khalistani organisations like ‘Sikhs for Justice’ and ‘Babbar Khalsa’. He also registered FIR against the Professor of Delhi University, Dr Ratan Lal for his pathetic remarks on Shivling and against filmmaker Leena Manimekalai who insulted Ma Kaali

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