Since the BJP government came into power in 2014, we have seen a sharp increase in polarisation. Those that don’t like Modi and crew have kept up a constant barrage of criticism on every single thing that the government has done. On the other hand, many Modi supporters have dug their heels in and defended or glorified pretty much his every move.

Just like in the USA, India too had a sizable (and influential) segment of people who believe that Modi must go AT ANY COST. Some genuinely believe he is evil, others look to recover ground they have lost politically, some are alarmed that they no longer control the narrative, some desperately want to get back the perks and privileges they were used to and some are utilizing this as an opportunity to garner recognition and money. No one has an alternative, they just know Modi has to go, and are willing to do whatever it takes.

Which is fair enough.

However, this mindset is a recipe for disaster in times of national crisis. A war, a pandemic, a flood, an earthquake. These are the times that require everyone to work together and lend a helping hand to WHOEVER HAPPENS TO BE IN POWER AT THAT TIME.

A crisis is like when your vehicle is on a narrow mountain path – if different people push in different directions, you WILL go off the cliff. And that’s exactly what has happened with Covid-19.

Fact is, whether one likes it or not, the BJP government IS currently in power. It is THEIR job to take the decisions and lead the country out of the crisis. It is not as if they are going to hand over the responsibility to you, even if your way is better. The job of everyone else is to figure out the best way to help, or at least get out of the way. Of course, share your opinions, air your disagreements. But don’t impede or sabotage.

However, the Modi haters / baiters have chosen to keep up their constant barrage of impedance, pressure, mockery and criticism during the crisis. If there is a lockdown, it is critized. If it’s relaxed, it’s criticized. If Migrants are not allowed to travel, it’s a problem. If they are allowed to travel and spread covid-19 across the country, it’s a problem. If the government is strict about imposing the lockdown, there are human rights issues. If they are not, they’re not doing their job.

Ordinary people, media and administrations have let their thoughts and actions be determined by their feelings for Modi/BJP rather that a genuine desire to contribute to the effort to tackle the crisis.

Some have actively sabotaged central government efforts, others have pressured the government into decisions that they otherwise wouldn’t have taken. Yet others have kept up their constant criticism and ‘questions’, keeping the government on tenterhooks, and making it second guess. Instead of focusing on the best way to tackle to crisis, the government has had to factor in optics.

Instead of TEMPORARILY putting our differences aside and making sure we come together to overcome the crisis, many of us have seen this as an excellent opportunity to show the government in poor light. It’s become part of the ‘get rid of Modi at any cost’ narrative.

And the cost is here for all of us to see.

The cup has slipped out of our hand, fallen on the floor and broken. The bus has gone off the cliff. The time to do something to stop the spread of the virus has long gone. No one has a clue on what to do now. All we can do now is damage control, and hope. As the health minister of Karnataka puts it, “Only God can save us now”.

Yet we still continue to squabble. Take every opportunity to mock, impede and sabotage. All the best with that.

So, when you think about your thoughts and actions over the past few months, ask yourself this. Are you responsible as well?

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