The demonic Christian conversion mafia is now targeting the Vaishno Devi temple, as crores of Hindus go on a pilgrimage to the shrine to seek the divine Mata’s blessings every year. Staunch devotion and dedication of Hindus to their ancient temples deter the conversion industry from spreading its tentacles in India, so they target our holy pilgrimage centres and the presiding Devis and Devtas, indulge in blasphemy spread poisonous theories in a bid to make Hindus hate their own revered Gods and veer towards Christianity.

The Legal Rights Observatory (LRO), an NGO with a mission to expose the fraud of global multi-billion Dollar Christian conversion industry which routes in foreign funds under the garb of social work and developmental activities to convert vulnerable Hindus to Christianity, has now unearthed the poisonous activities of Temple Of Christ Fellowship.

The LRO has found in its investigations that the Temple Of Christ Fellowship (TCF) routed in Rs.5.41 crores from its foreign contributors claiming to undertake social service. But in acute violation of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act rules, it has used the money to harass Hindu pilgrims to the Mata Vaishno Devi Temple in Jammu.

The TCF preys on the pilgrims to the temple in Jammu by spewing hatred against Mata Vaishnav Devi, calling the Mata a ghost and a devilish deity who would possess the pilgrims to destroy their lives and peace. The TCF then goes on to state that only Jesus can save them from the demonic Mata and hence they should adopt Christianity, carry Christian cross and shun from worshipping the Goddess.

The LRO has recorded the activities of this nefarious satanic organisation which tries to sell Jesus by spreading hatred and superstition among vulnerable sections of Hindus. The LRO has submitted a detailed dossier on the illegal activities of the Temple Of Christ Fellowship to the Home Ministry to take action on this venomous organisation which indulges in illegal conversions of Hindus with funds raised abroad in gross violation of the FCRA rules.

Find below the tweet posted by the Legal Rights Observation about its complaint to the Home Ministry on abuse of Rs. 5.41crores of foreign funds by the Temple Of Christ Fellowship in gross violation of FCRA rules.

It is hoped that the Home Ministry takes note of these serious violations of FCRA rules and illegal fraudulent conversions by the Temple of Christ Fellowship and blacklists them from receiving any further foreign funds as also issue orders to prosecute them under relevant sections of the IPC like 153 A, 295 A etc. for trying to spread hatred against Hindu Gods, outraging religious sentiments, provoking riots and trying to fraudulently convert Hindus to Christianity.

The centre needs to consider the report of LRO seriously as Jammu is a vulnerable area already under the onslaught of demographic invasion by Islamist jihadis, the insidious activities of such Christian conversion mafia would make it more susceptible to terrorist attacks and ousting of Hindus from Jammu after the ethnic cleansing in Kashmir Valley.

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