Just as the sad demise of senior journalist and popular anchor Rohit Sardana reached the social media, a barrage of Islamists, across the board, lay and eminent ones brazenly gloated on Saradana’s death in the name of Allah.

Eminent Islamists including Newslaundry journalist Sharjeel Usmani, The Print columnist Zainab Sikander, Shafoora Zargar – the Delhi riots accused very audaciously tweeted their glee on Saradana’s death. Shafoora Zargar went to the extent of calling him a neo-Nazi, Fascist and denied him basic humanity even in his death. Ironically, she cried for bail from courts in the name of humanity using the ruse of being pregnant.

Other countless Islamists are openly proclaiming the death of other senior journalists like Arnab Goswami, Amish Devgan, Suresh Chavanke etc. who do not pander to Islamist world view.

Opindia’s editor, Nupur Sharma, has long been the target of Islamists and leftists abusing her in the choicest of invectives taking advantage of the fact that she is a woman. In fact many a times, the perverse Islamists have even wished her two year old baby daughter death and cursed the young innocent baby, who may not yet know difference between a Hindu and a Muslim, with deadly diseases.

Opindia’s Nupur Sharma tweeted, that she got two hate e-mails today wishing her death next after Rohit Sardana. She was unfazed about these perverse Hindu-hating people who wish her death and disease and valiantly told them off that she would go when it is her time to go. But before that, she would ensure that Islamists and leftists who wish to wipe out Hindus get paid back in their own coin.

The biased media keeps highlighting anti-Hindu ranters like Barkha Dutt, Swati Chaturvedi, Rana Ayub, Rohini Singh, Saba Naqvi etc who have made it a profession to cry victim and claim they are abused online by people who disagree with them.

There is a complete silence in the media on the amount of online death threats, rape threats and invectives that are thrown at the few women journalists who stand up against the Islamist and communist Fascism.

Barkha Dutt, who claims to be a feminist and humanist, never criticises the hate mail and downright death threats issued by Kashmiri Islamists to senior journalist, Aarti Tikoo Singh threatening to rape her and cut her up in a saw mill like Girija Tikoo in 1990.

These death threats and rape threats by a community known to implement their threats in action can be very unnerving for the few female journalists who call out Islamic jihad and Islamic Fascism in India.

Rohit Sardana was himself threatened by Islamists and jihadis on phone when in 2017, he had questioned in a tweet why are movies with titles like “Sexy Durga” not made on religious figures from other faiths.

Many Islamists today are not sparing the grieving wife and young daughters of Rohit Sardana and wishing them death in the name of Allah.

Women journalists like Nupur Sharma have to not only deal with online harassment from Islamists and leftists, they get dragged in the middle of the night from their homes with a 2 year old daughter in tow and threatened with arrests by the West Bengal police because Mamata Banerjee took offence to news reports against her in Opindia.

It is only our duty as nationalist citizens to show our solidarity with these brave young women who do their jobs for the nation and Dharma in adverse conditions in an unfazed manner.

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