Will Minister of Education Shri Dharmendra Pradhan rescue crores of Indian children from a dark lurking legacy and insidious aftermath of colonial oppression? His predecessor ran away from the task, yet Modi needs results!”

Aussie Maths Guru Jonathan J. Crabtree challenges the BJP to lead India out of the darkness back into the light of its pre-colonial glory days. How? By teaching Bharatiya Maths. Read on for your gift…

India’s arithmetic lessons today are the aftermath of centuries of systemic racism and oppression. All around the world, we’ve been whitewashed into believing -3 < -1.

  • In what world are three negatives less than one negative?
  • The answer is a white colonising Eurocentric world.


The elements of maths the British Empire infected the world with date back to the Ancient Greeks, who had neither zero nor one as numbers.

The Ancient Greeks of 300 BCE had no concept of a mathematical symmetry in which positive and negative co-existed. Yet, 1000 years later, Brahmagupta’s empirical Zero-Based maths obeyed both today’s laws of physics and common sense!

So, what’s the reference to 500 years mean? Well, 500 years ago a Catholic Bishop called Cuthbert Tunstall was busy writing what would be the first printed work on arithmetic published in England.

Euclid’s simple geometric explanation of multiplication from Ancient Greece had found its way through to the anonymous 1474 Treviso Arithmetic and Luca Pacioli’s Summa de arithmetica of 1494. Yet this idea began to flounder in Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall’s De arte supputandi (the art of calculation) written 500 years ago in 1521.

By 1570, the English had completely DESTROYED the simple yet subtle idea of multiplication. So, what happened? A London haberdasher called Henry Billingsley attempted to update Euclid’s geometric definition of multiplication and convert it into an arithmetical definition.

Billingsley paraphrased Cuthbert Tunstall’s Latin definition of multiplication, which in turn was a paraphrase of Luca Pacioli’s. Why? Billingsley wanted the fame of being the first person to translate Euclid’s Ancient Greek Elements into English. (Sidenote he actually translated Euclid into English via a Latin edition. Fraud was prevalent then too!)

Put simple, Henry Billingsley defined ab as a added to itself b times. This then led to aᵇ being defined as a multiplied/into itself b times. ‘All good’, you say as you nod your head in agreement, hypnotised by an enduring cult of Western math myth-education.


Program a computer to add 3 to itself 1 time and you will get 6.
Program a computer to multiply 3 into itself 1 time and you will get 9.

Now let’s follow our Western cult of math myth-education and plug the above numbers into our British origin algorithms for multiplication and exponentiation.

Multiplication (British Cult) Definition
ab = a added to itself b times, so 3 × 1 = 3 + 3 = 6 yet 3 × 1 = 3
Exponentiation (British Cult) Definition
aᵇ = a multiplied/into itself b times, so 3¹ = 3 × 3 = 9 yet 3¹ = 3.

Definitions are the starting point of mathematics. If you can’t get your definitions right, you have no right to call yourself a mathematics teacher. The British couldn’t get their definitions of basic maths right so they had no moral right to displace the better Bharatiya Maths of Bharat! (Yet the British had plenty of guns and a powerful navy.)


Notably, it was Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay, who wrote a lot of poetry, ripped apart and buried India’s proud cultural heritage in maths and science. Macaulay studied at Cambridge University and returned to Cambridge University after having burned and buried India’s cultural heritage.

Dharmendra Pradhan’s predecessor sought advice from Cambridge University’s Cambridge Education division. Letting Cambridge Education influence India’s maths education would be Lord Macaulay’s eternal desire.

Last year poet Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal informed us that Cambridge University is working on several schemes for educational excellence in India. He thanked the University of Cambridge for its support in the field of learning-based education in India.

So, will Dharmendra Pradhan continue to support the cultural descendants of Lord Macaulay and work in the interests of the British which is against the interests of crores of India’s children? Or will he show initiative and true leadership and respond positively to the Bharatiya Maths movement?

It’s modern scientific Bharatiya Maths for India’s future success OR more of the same broken British Maths that resulted in India ranking second-last in the world. Notably, China, without such a history of cultural decimation under the British Empire, ranked #1.

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