Dharmic World View:

The Dharmic world view regards PARAM AATMA as Universal Energy flowing through everyone and everything and emanating the entire creation. It regards human beings as the highest level of life form with consciousness and recognizes them as an aspect of the creator and also as carriers of divinity. It teaches us to live in harmony with nature and know the creator as an unseen but loving and accepting unversal force that resides into the heart of everything. This world view encourages us to develop an inner knowing so that the natural process of what we desire also desires us.

This worldview wants us to embrace the infinite variations of the Universe so that the divinity of nature can flow and unfold through our life. The Dharmic view promotes the trust that you need to attract to yourself all that belongs to you in the Universe.This inner awareness that you are actually in all things leads to miraculous manifestations, in that you are actually connected to all that you desire to manifest and finally you know this to be your Satya. Needless to say AATMA is a tiny fragment of the PARAM AATMA and vise versa

Western World View:

The Western World view has always accorded God the status of a ‘white bearded sky daddy’ and someone who is beneficial but at the same time authoritarian, paternal and tyrannical who holds us accountable for our transgressions and worldy sins. It basically tells us how we are separate from God and how we are a sinner as far as our basic nature is concerned.

On the contrary the same world view accused Jesus and crucified Him when He proclaimed “I and the Father are one” without even realizing that this is your greatest statement of your reality. Through this worldview, you will forever believe that God or the eternal source lies outside of you and thus will never be able to tune into the power and energy of the universe to create and have a fulfilled life.

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