You all know how bad it feels listening about increasing rape cases in India. Sometimes it is only one in the week but sometimes it goes up-to three rape cases per day. Thinking about the victim’s family is enough to give us depression but I am surprised that we all forget after 3-4 days.

Some people protest, some people light candles and gather on famous monuments, but it all goes down in vain. Next morning, new cases are waiting for us in the corners of newspapers. So, what are we really doing to stop it???

Let’s have a look at what people are doing and what should be done. What is the root cause? and how to stop upcoming rape cases? I am here to present my observations on ” why and how a crime against women happens “.

Why Politics on Rapes and Crime Against Women?

Politicians from some well-known political parties in India are always searching for opportunities to get some headlines on top news channels and best-selling newspapers. We all know about them so we don’t have to dig deep here.

Indian women believe that feminists are busy fighting for women rights but the Indian feminists are none other than Islamists and Communists. They are just here to mislead women and earn money out of their emotions. Their main goal is to disconnect women from their roots, so they can be converted in Christianity and Islam.

So, Feminists are those who are leading innocent sheep to the plate of the wolf. Activists and media are sold, so where is the solution?

Crime and Punishment

People are angry, they want to punish the rapists. Some are suggesting hanging in public some are talking to burn them in public. Yes, we need to give strong punishment to some rapists to establish fear of laws.

Lord Ram said in Ramcharitmanas: ” भय बिना होइ हे न प्रीती | “.

Punishment should be only given after the decision of the court and confirming who is the culprit.

Who’s Fault? Boys or Girls?

Some people are saying, ” girls should be held responsible for increasing rape cases. They wear small revealing dresses that urge men to look at them. “

Some people are saying, ” boys should be held responsible for increasing rape cases “. Yes, the majority of culprits in rape cases are men. ” They are evil, they don’t think women are human too! “.

COOL Society

According to cool society, if you don’t wear revealing clothes as a girl, you can’t get a job and you don’t deserve respect, you look like ” Behen Ji “.

According to cool society, if you don’t have sex before marriage, you are not a real men. Are you that ” Bhaiya ji “ types?

After serving the COOL Society our Youth thinks they are modern, they are intelligent and they are best. Whatever you see on the Internet is not true, there are conspiracies.

Rapes and Their Causes

The moment you try to enjoy someone who doesn’t belong to you, you commit a crime. Girls and Boys of India should be aware of their glorious history and powerful spiritual culture. Individual Improvement is the only way to stop rapes in India.

Self-Defence Training of Women

Self-Defence of Young Girls and Women are important. Hand-to-Hand combat and using sticks for protection. Some basic things like Meditation, Taekwondo or Judo will be good.

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Men should also understand their job, if you see any girl in trouble, go and help her. This way we can erase the maximum crime. We have a festival “ Rakshabandhan “ so now its time boys! understand your responsibility of protecting women from criminals, rapists. It doesn’t mean you start interfering in someone’s life, but if someone asks, never disappoint them.

Memes for Education

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Credits: Twitter (@UjjwalHimself)

I created this meme to give you a clear idea about what I am saying. Don’t let the sexual urges control you, rise above them and control them according to you.


▶ Police and Court should work properly and honestly about crime.

▶ Rapists should be punished strictly and fear of laws should be propagated by media properly so that no one dares to do it again.

▶ Men and Women can work together for a crime-free society.

▶ Vedic Literature can lead the whole world out of chaos.

▶ Women should get Self-Defence Training.

▶ We should not promote adultery in the name of entertainment. It harms.

▶ West has no peace, they come to Varanasi and Kashi to get peace and happiness so I request all teenagers and government that stop importing their flop ideologies and education here. Promote what you have and that is Dharma.

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