A shocking news came to light from Kota, Rajasthan where a 60 year old woman, Bina Devi, Covid patient succumbed on the intervening night of Wednesday-Thursday due to not being admitted in ICU with ventilator facility at MBS Hospital, Kota despite availability as the doctor demanded that the ICU bed and ventilator would be released only on recommendation from a politician as per a report in the Patrika News Network

This demand seems eerily similar to the strategy drafted by the leaked Congress Tool Kit document which asked local politicians to block beds in friendly hospitals and get them released to patients only on request from any of Congress’ frontal organisations to appear as ‘saviours’. A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court demanding investigation on the nefarious Tool Kit designed to defame Modi and BJP government at the Centre.

Former Central Minister, Olympic Silver medallist and BJP MPCol Rajyavardhan Rathore tweeted this article and commented, ” Just as what was directed in the Tool Kit, the same thing is happening in Rajasthan. Beds are empty but they would be available only on a phone from the ruling party leader.”

As per the report in Patrika News Network, a 60 year old lady was admitted to MBS Hospital isolation ward on 19th April as she was Covid positive and she was being given oxygen treatment. Her condition became suddenly serious on the intervening night of Wednesday-Thursday morning around 2am. Her relatives requested her to be shifted to ICU with ventilator facility. Their requests were turned down, even when they showed photos of empty beds in the hospital’s ICU to the doctors.

According to the news report, the relatives kept pleading for over two hours to the doctors for releasing an ICU bed for Bina Devi as her condition was very critical, but to no avail. They were told by a doctor in the ward that the bed would be released if you know any political leader and can arrange for a call / recommendation from them. Bina Devi ultimately died without getting treated in ICU around 4 am.

The matter came to light on Thursday, the concerned authorities in the hospital washed their hands off and escaped from giving any answer to the abject wanton negligence which cost a lady’s life.

This incident needs thorough investigation to find out whether beds are kept reserved on the bidding of influential politicians endangering lives of people during emergency as in the case of Bina Devi. If found true the hospital and the concerned politicians need to be booked for causing murders by creating artificial scarcity of beds and ventilators during emergency.

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