Vishweshwar Shivling admeasuring 12.8 feet in diameter was found during the survey of Gyanvapi Masjid which was built by destroying the Kashi Vishwanath temple by Aurangzeb.Vishweshwar Shivling is found in Wuzukhana. A Wuzukhana is a place where people wash their hands and feet before offering namaz. It has significance in Islam as it is a place where dirt from the body is washed out before worshipping Allah. Now the question arises did muslims wash their hands and feet in the pond knowing fully well that there is a Shivling ? Did a particular community kept it at dirty place as a symbol to mock, insult & demean hindus ?

in 1669 mob of Islamists led by Jihadi Aurangzeb attacked Kashi Vishwanath to demolish the sacred Jyotirling. In order to save the Jyotirling, head Pandit went to jump into the temple well with jyotirling on his shoulders. This story is almost known to every person of Kashi including muslims but still no muslim raised their voice against the Wukukhana. No one objected to washing dirt form their body in a place where Jyotirlinga was kept.

After the Shivling being found today during the court-ordered survey, Court also placed ‘personal responsibility’ upon the DM, Police Commissioner, and CRPF Commandant of Varanasi to protect and secure the sealed place. While accepting the application of the lawyer from the Hindu petitioners, the court of Civil Judge (Senior Division) Ravi Kumar Diwakar said, “District Magistrate, Varanasi, is directed to immediately seal the place where the Shivling has been found and said that no one will be allowed to enter the place.

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