So finally the coronavirus trick played by CCP (Chinese Communist Party) – the head of Communism, which is currently ruling China and indirectly half of the globe – seems to be working. Thanks to the deep slumber of righteous people around the world, deeply engrossed in seeking entertainment on the digital platforms of the Big Tech (Tech Giants like twitter, facebook, google) remote controlled by CCP.

What is happening to Trump and his team is a WAKE UP call for everyone in the world. In the age or SM, such mass censoring someone (just because you don’t like him) can hit anyone in the world. This has to be condemned and resisted. Remember, the cabal is the same.

The BIG picture: Big Techs – Tool Of CCP

?Big Techs just starting to show their true intentions. They will JUDGE everyone, as per their convenience. This is just the beginning. They neither care about national boundaries or sensitivities nor they give a damn about national or moral laws. They are here, not for business, but to RULE.

?Fact is that even today Donald Trump is the US President – this one action by all the IT companies has inflicted a permanent damage on the office of US President. In short, the Big Techs have completely displaced American State and is the new hegemonic power worldwide!

?It took more than 100 years for fruits of American and French Revolutions to expand the democratic movement and end the hegemony of imperialistic powers that enslaved nations worldwide for corporates like East India Company etc. 20th century was about the expansion of that regime…

?What companies like Twitter & Facebook have done to Donald Trump and his supporters actually signals the end of the phase when writ of democracies & nation states ran.

?The neo companies are new hegemonic powers. They have become tool to change regimes, incite movements.

?Today The Democrats might be celebrating the action of twitter and Facebook but don’t forget that what they have done to GOP today, they may do to them as well. Corporates have no ideology, they only know profit and this is the harsher truth – this will bite them one day!

?Even in Bharat, we are witnessing how WhatsApp owned by Facebook has unilaterally changed rules flouting basic norms of privacy. We have seen how twitter hired terror sympathizers and banned accounts opposed to particular ideology. These companies don’t respect democracy.

?All these companies are leveraging democracies and democratic norms to maximize their objectives – which is clearly not in the sync of the concept of nation states. If what conspiracy theorists hold true, Deepstate is the new ruler of corporations and we are now at their mercy.

?Bigger news than Trump getting suspended from all big social media platforms is Parler getting removed from all major app stores. Big Tech is now openly communist. It won’t allow you to speak. It won’t allow you to compete.

?This is actually about the extension of hegemonic power of IT companies over democracies – unregulated big tech will spell the death of democracies and nation states. Might sound an exaggeration but all these companies are new East India Company of 21st century.

?If they can do this to US President of the day (with absolute FoE) , then just imagine what they can do to commoners like us from a country with no absolute FoE!

?WOW !!! Twitter suspends sitting American President permanently while Iranian Clerics, CCP Accounts openly spread disinformation on its platform. Big Tech has totally lost it.

?America is beginning to resemble like Orwellian China. Radical Left once in power will change to that for good.

Beware Of Big Techs: Target is 2024 Elections To Dismantle Modi

?Not only Trump, but his supporters accounts are also being suspended. This is the blackest day for Social Media.

?But the LEFT talks about Free Speech & Fascism !! Irony

?Remember, these people allow Naxals, terrorists and Jihadists in the name of FOE.

?Lalu Yadav to Umar Khalid to Malaysia President Mahathir, all of them have their account intact. Lalu can operate his account from Prison.

?It’s time for Bharat to  wake up  to threats of Big Tech & MSM collusion in interfering in Bharatiya Elections. What happened in USA is a trailer of what could come in 2024. We need to take Pre-emptive action & make these SM giants accountable to law enforcement/government of the day.

This is the reason why leftists cabal was so confident of defeating NaMo.


Do not get carried away by REEL-lly fascinating KGF (though made by Sandalwood – the BIG $$ will anyway go to the infamous druggie, lustful Bollywood Dawood mafia!).

Come to terms with REALity & continue to be conscious about this REAL BIG CONSPIRACY TO DESTROY DEMOCRACY.

Exploit Big Tech to tame CCP. Look for alternative apps/platforms. Put collective pressure on any Big Tech for their adharmic moves.

We Bharatiyas & globally righteous people can do it!

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