The DMK government swooped on scores of Hindu protestors and HMK Chief, Arjun Sampath by forcefully stuffing them in police vehicles and arresting them for peacefully protesting against the barbaric demolition of ancient Hindu temples in Coimbatore under the garb of development.

The MK Stalin’s anti-Hindu government arrests people who express their dissent peacefully as mentioned above, while allows the venomous Pastor George Ponnaiya who gives hate speech against Hindus, abuses Bharat Mata as filthy and curses PM Modi and Amit Shah to have a terrible death with their bodies eaten up by dogs, worms and termites to roam around freely spreading hatred, hurting religious sentiments and inciting communal riots.

Arjun Sampath And Hindu Activists Arrested For Peaceful Protest Against Demolition Of Temples

The doyens of democratic right to peacefully protest and right to freedom of religion champions are not only silent about 100 year old Hindu Temples being demolished by the Coimbatore Municipal Corporation, but also mum about the high-handed action of arresting innocent peaceful protestors dissenting against the insensitive demolition of ancient Temples depriving Hindus their fundamental right to pray.

The Corporation aided by the Tamil Nadu government under MK Stalin demolished seven Hindu temples, some of them as old as 100 years old, on the banks of Muthannakulam pond in Coimbatore.

The Hindu Makkal Katchi announced on Twitter that Hindu Makkal Katchi Head, Arjun Sampath was arrested by Tamil Nadu police for peacefully protesting against Coimbatore Municipality for demolishing seven Hindu Temples including the 100 year old Angalaamman Temple along the Muthanankulam bund in the city.

The HMK demanded the immediate release of Arjun Sampath and scores of other Hindu activists illegally bundled away and arrested for exercising their democratic right to protest against the violation of their fundamental right to worship. The HMK and Hindu Munnani also demanded the re-construction of temples at their original site, demolished by the Corporation.

Arjun Sampath had earlier requested Hindu devotees to assemble on 23rd July to protest peacefully at the sites where the demolished seven temples once stood for over 100 years.

Demolition Of Century Old Temples At Coimbatore

The holy Angaala Parameshwariamman Kovil which is more than 100 years old was razed to the ground along with six other temples at Pusaripalayam on 13th July 2021. Kumaraswamy colony’s Arulmigu temples in Coimbatore has been demolished and reduced to dust by Coimbatore Corporation.

The corporation has demolished Amman Kovil, Bannari Amman Kovil, Angala Parameswari, Karupparayan Kovil, Muneeswaran Kovil, and a few other temples on the northern bund of the Muthannakulam tank by stating that the temples were situated on the path for rejuvenation of the local lakes and development under the Smart Cities Mission.

Ancient Temples Demolished Surreptitiously, Mobile Jammers Used To Bar Communication

Notably, the demolition exercise was carried out by the local administration surreptitiously like thieves early in the morning at 6 am, they also curbed communication by jamming mobile phones, so that the atrocious act of demolishing ancient temples are not recorded by mobile phones and the public is kept in dark and not informed about the incident as it happens.

250 Hindu Munnani Members Arrested For Protesting Demolition Of Ancient Temples

Members of the Hindu Munnani and locals had vehemently protested against the barbaric demolition of pious temples reminiscent of Islamic period in India. The request of Hindu Munnani members to carefully transfer the temples to alternative site fell on deaf ears of the local administration as it razed to dust the holy Temples hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus and violated the fundamental right to pray. Nearly 250 members of the Hindu Munnani were arrested earlier for protesting against the demolition.

Image sourced from: Opindia

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