What the hell is the Indian way? Dude, there is no such thing called Indian way. You are either suffering from severe impairment to your mental faculties or are grossly delusional. This used to be the standard template of derision one would invite from wannabes and wokes with foreign accented conversation. One would be made to zip up with a dismissive shrug, only for bringing in Indic values in the context of any conversation.

This used to be the accepted norm till not long ago. Anyone who so much as dropped a timid hint of Indic pride, would instantly get darts of visceral contempt, loud jeers and scornful glares shot at him from all sides. This would put the johnny-come-lately with his little bit of daring to show his countryside, instantly into shame and force him to withdraw into his shell. The bullies would then exchange a smirk of satisfaction among themselves and get on with their heady life.

Intellectual hooliganism is what they practised, one that they still steadfastly cling on to for dear life. Their worldview is one that all lesser mortals must embrace without demur. No questions asked, however much it may have been informed by Western value system. In fact, the more westernised the topical deliberations are, the better we could evolve as a society. They assert with Conviction of intellectual heft.

For them, stray comments from Western leaders on any issues concerning our country are of more significance than what our countrymen think is right for them. They wander around in foreign shores seeking validation for their ever young leader. Validation by common Indians is not an idea that enthuses them. No wonder, they fail to make a mark in the electoral politics time and again.

Shamed into irrelevance and bristling with anger at the prevailing setup, they rush in with opinion pieces in wall Street journal, new York times and other western newspapers. They want a big global storm to charge down in our direction and blow away the establishment they abhor with their life. They would go at enthusiastically picking up any comment by a foreign leader, which is critical of our country, our leadership. They would solicit sanction against this leader and that party they don’t like.

Much of the things they have been practising at the behest of their political masters, are the root cause of vitiating the atmosphere and spreading communal discord in the country. It is their uninhibited pandering to fanatic fringes that gives birth to hydra-headed monster of communal frenzy and violent riots. Any action initiated by law makes them cry hoarse of vindictive communal action by the government of a Hindutwa party.

They would have liked Kashmir to stay the Pakistan way, the status quo to be restored to pre-abrogation of article 370. The Indian way of bringing in rule of law, true secularism and eliminating threat of Pak-sponsered terrorism is, according to them, dictatorial, isn’t my idea of India and is against fundamental ideas of secularism and liberalism. For them, it’s not a big deal if our country burns in the terror inferno lit by enemy fire and we should sit across the table to make deals with them. But it’s war-mongering if we responded in kind by surgical strike and aerial bombardment of terrorist hideouts.

We must follow Congress way of maintaining peace along the LOC with China, even if it meant closing our eyes to Chinese action of slicing away chunks and chunks of our land.

Indian way is one that calls for pride in its heritage, in its glory and in the legends of bravery of its soil. They don’t want you, me and others to feel proud of our country. They want us chained perpetually to dictates of white-skinned masters.

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