Doctors :- Saints or Sinners ?
I saw the Twitter Tsunami of war betweeen people blaming doctors and calling them evil and doctors being extremely defensive in return #MedTwitterisMad. So here is my take on this whole scenario.
I am a daughter of 2 Doctors who were also employed in Government Service . My family has more than 16 doctors , all working in private and Government organizations so I can assure you I know both sides of the story .
I have seen my doctor parents toil hard , working in inhuman conditions in Government Hospitals , in Congress , Laoo Raj where even basic medicines and equipment were not made available . I have seen my parents stay in govt hospitals during their nights shifts , without electicity , in inhuman condition , do surgery in torch lights , many times spending their own money to save lives of poor people. I have sen my doctor parents wave off fee , gove discounts to very poor patients in their private clinics . During pandemic my parents offered FREE consulation to anyone and everyone (which every iphone carrying , rich property portfolio owning , mercedes driving person benefitted from ). Infact My parents were prescribing HydroxyCholoroquine (during the first wave) and Ivermicitin (during the second wave) even before that became a standard . (See that is where experience comes) . I have seen patients touch feet on my parents for saving lives. A poor patient whose life , my mother saved by spening her own money to buy medicines , gives us home made ghee every year since 25 years now as a token of gratitude. There are NUMEROUS news of doctors going beyond call of duty , helping selflessley , charging bare minimum, or even doing free help and surgery (My parents donate all medicines they get from Pharma companies) to poor people . NUMEROUS.
I am also aware of malpractices in the fraternity . Doctors overcharging . Doctors prescribing unnecessary tests and medicines (as they get a HEFTY commission ) , Doctors suggesting unnecessary surgeries to make a GOOD profit . Most BIG HOSPITAL charge HUGE amounts , even my parents get shocked looking at the bills and unnecessary tests and medicines . EVERYONE knows it . My brother used to work in Medanta and the unsaid rule there was to ensure that every person who comes for a consulations get’s his heart operated upon , even if they did not need it .
I can safely say that 30% of doctors are good , genuine carers who do not do malpractice and overcharge. Rather the staff who works for my parents often are angry for having sich low fees (they have the lowest fees in my hometown , even lower than many MBBS only doctors ).
I have been working with and had to interact with CA, Lawyers, NGO , Startup registration companies, Web/App developers since about 10 years now . In my association fo 10 years, I am YET to find a SINGLE CA, NGO, LAWYER , Startup registration company , Web/App developer , whom I has not cheated me , oversharged me , done fraud or someone whom i have not had to change after sopending LOTS of money . NOT EVEN ONE . Every profession has good and bad people . How many construction companies do we know who have not made substandard building , bridges ?
How many CA, NGO , Lawyers get beaten up for doing substandard work or overcharging or failing to win cases ? Lawyers charge lakhs for a half a day hearing . Jewellers sell spurious Gold . Petrol pumps mix kerosine.
Atleast in Medical Fraternity , 30% are doing good , selfless service . Atleast there are doctors you can trust , rely upon . Now I dare you to show me 1 lawyer , one CA or one web/App developer . NONE. I knwo thousands of them and I cant name ANY . Show me one CA who has worked FREE for any NGO ? I am helping the Pakistani Hindu Refugees who need some Legal Help , i reached to SO MANY lawyers to take up their cases pro bono , not one agreed , NOT ONE .
And what is this hoopla about Doctors should not charge as they are doing human service ? Don’t they have families ? Bills to Pay ? EMI ? They don’t run an NGO . Just like any other profession , Medical Service is also a profession . There is a range available in market , with fees varying , choose what fits you , suits your pocket , or whom you have faith on .
I know many people who come all the way to Delhi /Gurgaon just to get check up done in Medanta to show off . HOW STUPID .
People have no issues spending 10,00 in one one night partying in some HAPPENING nightclub (to post 50 pictures on Social Media) , livestream shopping hauls in ZARA ,buy latest iPhones costing lakhs , take foreign holidays but rant about paying fees of doctors . WHAT HYPOCRITES.
If I can’t afford Gucci , I will go to the shop and rant about the prices . If I can’t afford food in Bukhara , I will not go there and then rant about the prices .SIMPLE.
Yes a doctors sees you for 5 minute because theu have gained that expertise and experience over years of practice and you are paying for that . I can make a startup go to plan in half an hour while an newbie will take 2 days. The price will higher because you are getting expert advice in very little time. The same people who don’t think twice about hiring a Harish Salve fo rtheor case rant about prices of doctors and Hospitals .
Hopsitals cost MONEY to build. Equipments , staff etc cost money . Salary of HIGHLY experieced Doctors costs money . The cost of seerting up an ICU is 1 crore , per bed . Who is going to fund that ? Arvind Kejriwal ?
I am shocked that most people don’t have Health Insurance , which is affordable . That covers most of your hospital fees . Can buy a new phone worth Rs. 1,00,000 every year but can’t spend Rs10,000 on Health insurance of entire family ? Wah ji Wah .
Govt has gven FREE medical care (including EVREY surgery ) in Govt Hospitals , what stops you from going there ? Social Status ? Lowering your Social Media Net Worth ? I being daughter of doctors with 16 doctors in my family always go to AIIMS , Safdarjung as I know i will be ripped off in private hospitals . Many smaller, mid size hospital exist , why not go there ? Doctors doing private practice in small set ups exist .Why not go there ?
While we are sitting holed up in our houses , with fear over contracting CORONA, millions of doctors go out everyday , knowing that theyr are risking their lives , just to save yours.
Stop shaming a profession where MANY, I repeat MANY go out of their way to save our life . OUT OF THEIR WAY .
So please stop targeting Doctors if you don’t target other professions , which fare MUCH MUCH lower .

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