If you blindly trust the BJP and other Hindutva organizations and start voicing the truth loud and clear all you are going to get is the status of a ‘martyr’. Look at Arnab Goswami, India’s most-watched prime time news anchor, who could muster up enough courage to call Sonia Gandhi by her original name Antonio Maino, and raise issues such as the mind-numbingly cruel lynching of Sadhus in Palghar and the widely prevalent nepotism in the Bollywood and its nexus with terrorists, mafia and drug peddlers.

Such issues are normally hushed up and swept under the carpet by the Left-leaning media houses that normally favor Islamists and make every effort to conceal their atrocities. Therefore, the gang might have felt ‘how dare Arnab Goswami bring up those issues we painstakingly concealed for long?’

Did Arnab Goswami, who might be aware of the gargantuan risk he was taking, expected some help from the BJP-led union government in case he runs into trouble due to his outspoken nationalist, pro-Hindu reportages? If so, he must have learned the hard way by now how badly he miscalculated the situation.

The BJP, as many political analysts believe, miserably failed in building an eco-system of supporters for itself. Even the social media users, who have hitherto been supportive of the BJP, are increasingly growing skeptical of its attitude and truly fed up with its arrogance.

Whenever people who have nationalistic leanings are assaulted or harassed, all that the leadership of the BJP does is tweeting a ‘Kadi Ninda’ and stay as silent spectators. And when the activists of the BJP get slaughtered in the states such as Kerala, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu all that they do is sitting on Dharnas. Such behavior manifests their eagerness to prove themselves as ‘good boys’.

It is indeed surprising that a bunch of greedy politicians, who had hijacked the people’s mandate to form a week government in the state of Maharashtra, are able to implicate one of the most popular journalists in false cases and persecute him in a ceaseless manner. And the union government, which was brought to power with a sheer majority, remained as a mere spectator to the daylight murder of democracy and freedom of expression. This is an ample manifestation of the fact that if anyone speaks the truth believing that the BJP will come to his rescue in case he runs into trouble, he/she is utterly mistaken.

The BJP is only interested in conferring martyr status on nationalists who suffer, with an seemingly express intention to derive electoral mileage. Whenever a Hindu nationalist gets arrested for expressing his thoughts and whenever a Hindu activist gets killed for opposing Islamofascism they keep repeating the banal words such as ‘where are the liberals?’ and ‘where is the Award Wapsi gang?’, conveniently forgetting the fact that they themselves are the ones who are in power.

Do they really expect the liberals, and the ‘Award Wapsi Gang’ to protect nationalists and BJP workers? When the BJP workers sacrifice their lives in West Bengal and Kerala, they don’t go beyond garlanding the bodies and issuing a ‘Kadi Ninda’. What could be the reason? Do they see a direct correlation between the number of deaths and the electoral advantages they will be gaining?

If the BJP feels that its ‘charismatic’ leaders and their administrative ‘acumen’ is responsible for its strong electoral performances, they are utterly mistaken. It is the ever-increasing Hindu awakening and the widely prevalent nationalistic feelings that are majorly responsible for their strong showing. Therefore, the BJP must shed its illusions, arrogance, and its misconceived eagerness to maintain a ‘good boy’ image. Because despite its best efforts, the BJP will forever remain a ‘fascist’ party in the minds of the Leftists and Islamists, who continue to maintain a tight grip over the dominant narrative in Indian society. Therefore, any efforts to give a facelift to its image at the cost of its ideology and supporters will prove to be absolutely futile.

The BJP leaders must realize the fact that only the party workers who are alive and the supporters who are in good spirits will prove to be assets to the organization. Dead workers and humiliated supporters can’t serve the BJP and other Hindutva organizations. It must also realize the fact that its efforts to remain a strong political force will very much depend on its ability to nurture Hindu nationalism by protecting its activists and cultivating a strong ecosystem of supporters. Otherwise, people will be forced to search for better alternatives. Because, an ever-increasing number of Hindu nationalists feel that they certainly deserve better than the BJP.

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