The nasty, evil wfuk board has been living in my mind rent-free for the past few days, specifically, since the mind-blowing claim that the board – we know the real spelling but won’t bother using it for obvious reasons – can claim anything and everything, even a place of worship which has existed long before the birth of the much-hated inbreeding gutter cult.

So, what the heck is the wfuk board?  Is anyone actually in charge of this?  There are institutions in India in every state which have claims on various properties – public and private.  Even one of the sold-out or should we say not-so-smart MiiLord made some comment about how there is no regulation over this wfuk board and how the Indian constitution can’t touch the wfuk claims with a ten-foot pole.

So what is a Bharatiya to do?  This board has been set to screw one community in particular, laying claims on streets, buildings, and properties from the past and future.  The whimsical usurpation surfaces when property owners who believe they own their land/home and have been paying taxes on it are unable to sell their properties as a surprise!!!, the w_the_fuk board is declared as the true owner, and the unsuspecting second-class owner needs permission from this wfuk organization if they need to sell a property.

Wfuk’s role in this sense is that of a sneaky hidden cancer that surfaces without announcement and is set up to drain you, mentally and physically.  This makes us ponder – what is worse – living in fear of cancer or of the wfuk board?

My possessed mind has taken this asmani kitab wala board to another level.  Can the wfuk board claim my house, my street, my mohalla, or my car parked on the wfuk board-owned street?  Can this vile board claim my land and thereby the earnings generated from the tiny farm I might have in my ancestral village?  Is there such a thing as back pay which the wfuk board will exercise?  Will I have to pay what my ancestors owed this board?  Do I have to pay the board for using the roads and tollways?  I thought we pay government taxes for such things.  Is the wfuk board then bigger than the government?  In that case, can we even call Bharat a democracy?  What use are the elected leaders and judges?  Is Bharat just waiting to descend into chaos any minute the wfuk board lays claims on our lands, the air we breathe, and the water that flushes our toilets?

Can the wfuk board arrest me or even worse annihilate me and my family if I refuse to acknowledge their imaginary, self-appointed, asmani authority?  Are we looking at a default #sartansejuda system that will end our samaj by covert and overt means?

Finally, since the wfuk board has been living in my head for days on end now, could they possibly help pay my rent?  I live in fear of having everything snatched away by these satanic forces, including my house, belongings and underwear.

The wfuk has outlived its usefulness and there is no real authority over it.  Since the Indian judiciary is drowning in appeasement politics the task of destroying the evil wfuk board falls on the legislature.  It’s time to take the stinking garbage out.

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