Dedicated to goddess Durga and god Shiva, Abatsahhayessvar temple was constructed by the great king Rajendra Chola during his reign between 1014-1044 CE. The temple is one of the greatest example of Chola architecture.

The temple has the statue of Jestadevi, Lingothbhavar, Kuberar, Chadikesvara.  Once the temple also had 7 prakarams out of which only 3 are left now. The vimana of the temple is heavily carved with beautiful sculptures. The temple also has Chola inscriptions which has the great archeological value. But all these things are dying.

Mosses are grown all over the monument. Long grasses are seen everywhere. Ceiling and walls have developed cracks, the statues of deities are broken, stolen and lost.

Once the government ordered for its repairs and sanctioned the amount of 5.5 million rupees and even the devotees contributed some amount but all in vain.

This great temple of Chola architecture has been standing full of proud for more than thousand years and now it is dying just because of ignorance and mismanagement. This is the plight of more than 34000 temples.

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