In Maharashtra the MVA Govt. is under great trouble. It is doubtful if the Govt can survive. Not only MVA, but many other Govts have fallen in past.

The Party leaders and media blame BJP, but forget the flaws within their parties.

Lets analyze the structural reason behind these.

A person who builds a political party is no doubt competent. But there is no guarantee that his children or progenies will be competent. In fact, there is a higher chance that they will be less competent as they have not faced the rigors the founders of the political party had gone through.

Why is the Shiv Sena (SS) Govt is on verge of collapse?

The founder of SS, Balasaheb Thackrey, was a man of mettle. He worked hard and smart to build the vast network of SS cadres due to which it became a wel-oiled machine. Where as his son, Uddhav inherited the throne. He did not go through the rigors his father went through. Other leaders in party who have reached the level by working hard found it difficult to accept him as leader. What happened? They left of their own or were removed. In both cases party lost and became weak. This is the “core” reason of the revolt SS is facing today.

Why did Congress lose power in MP?

The MP CM, Kamal Nath, wanted to plant his son as the CM of MP. Kamal Nath rose from roots. Other leaders who are more competent could not tolerate this and left. And they joined that political party which respects merit.

Why did congress come close to losing power in Rajasthan?

The Rajasthan CM, wanted to project his son as Rajasthan CM. The other leaders who had worked hard for the party an aspired to become CM became disgruntled and revolted. What happened? The party suffered and became weak.

Why the Congress lose power in entire North East?

The CM of Assam (biggest state in NE) ruled for 15 years. He wanted to induct his son and make him CM. Many able leaders revolted. One of such leaders was Himanta Biswa Sharma.  Sharma left Congress and joined BJP. BJP used him to wipe out Congress from NE. After wiping out Congress from NE, BJP made him the CM of Assam. Had Congress made Sharma the CM of Assam he would have helped Congress. But now, Congress stands decimated from entire NE.

Why is congress decimated in UP?

Sonia’s daughter wanted to become CM of UP. But she was no match for BJP’s charismatic leader Yogiji. what happened? Forget winning, vast majority of Congress candidates lost deposits.

Why is Congress decimated in India?

The leaders of the BJP have risen from grassroots and hence are more efficient and intelligent than dynastic and nepotistic leaders in Congress. The nepo-leaders in congress cannot match the charisma and popularity of grass-root leaders of Congress (like Vajpayee, Advani, Modi, shah, Nirmala etc.). They keep cursing BJP out of frustration, but more the curse BJP become more popular.

Hence, it is important that all political parties should shun family politics, reward merit and practice internal democracy.

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