Sajjad Nomani who is a member and spokesperson of All India Muslim Personal Law Board ,once again made into the headlines after his video in youtube went viral which was uploaded on 9th of September. In the video , Sajjad Nomani went on to take mobile phones and also blamed school and college education due to which the girls of muslim community are making friends with other community boys and the parents of those muslim girls are not aware of what their daughters are endulging in. He went on to blame muslim parents for not teaching their daughters about Islam.

Sajjad Nomani even put the blame on Hindu society for planning a conspiracy to lure muslim girls and proselytize them into Hinduism. He said ” I came to know came to that there is an operating group that gives secret training to the Hindu boys of how Muslims talk to each other. The Hindu boys are fully trained to greet and use words like “Salaam Walekum”, “Inshallah”, “subhanallah”, “Mashallah” etc in order to lure muslim girls. They talk softly and in a gentle manner to get hold of our girls”.

Almost every case of “Love jihad” involved a muslim man and a hindu woman but it is funny how Sajjad Nomani came up with a different version of love jihad. It can be easily understood that it’s a mere concoction made by Sajjad Nomani. It should be noted that this member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board , Sajjad Nomani also praised Taliban for their acts the terrorist group undertook in Afganistan.

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