Women are obsessed with looking good and sexy. To achieve their goal of having a beautiful body, they can sometimes go beyond their limits. Some would undergo costly and painful surgeries, while others rely on expensive weight loss pills. These two; surgery and pills are effective, but they have side effects, and the result is not forever. Like the natural way, you also have to follow some routines, rules, and diet plan to extend its result.

But hey! Let us talk facts here. Losing weight is a no-pain-no-gain process. To burn fats safely, efficiently and beautifully you have to take a natural way and undergo the process. Do some effective workout moves and follow the healthy diet that is ideal for you.

Here are some effective workout moves that could surely burn fats and tone your muscles. These routines are not easy at first especially if you are not used to exercising. But, they are very effective in tightening your abs and toning your muscles. These routines will not focus only on one area of the body as a surgery does, but it targets all muscles in your body. It will tighten your abs, legs, and shoulders.

Workout Tips for Women

Do some crunches – If it is your first time, you can start slowly. At least 5 to 10 counts every session. You will feel pain in your abdominal area after doing it. But trust me, as you perform it day by day, you will get used to, and you can increase your counts as it will become easier for you. Maybe 30 to 100 per day.

Push Ups – And now the push-up. With both hands on the ground firmly supporting your weight, and toes on the floor supporting your lower body, start a high plank position. Then start to lower your body slowly. Try to keep your back flat until your whole body touches the floor. Your neck should be neutral so, focus your gaze in front of you. This is a very hard exercise beginner, but you will improve as you do it daily. Note: Always make sure that your butt is not sticking out of dipping during the process. Keep the body straight and flattened.

Leg Lifts – This exercise is the best for toning your abs and legs.

For the vertical leg lift, lie flat on your back with legs stretched out and palms flat on the floor. Slowly lift both legs up until it is pointed at the ceiling. Keep your back flat on the floor. Hold still in that position for at least 20 counts. Then lower it to the ground. On your first session, you can repeat the process up to when your stamina can go and until you can endure the pain.

Side leg lifts – Lie on your side with one hand holding the head to avoid neck strain.  The other arm is in front of you with palm flat on the floor. This will keep your balance stable. Then slowly lift your leg as high as it can go keeping your torso still during the move. Then lower it slowly until it is an inch away from the floor. Lift it up again. You can do 10 to 15 repetitions on your first day and repeat it on the other side of your body.

These four moves are and the most convenient to do since you can do it anytime in your home. You don’t need a trainer or a machine to do this. Yes, it may be painful and a struggle for the first timers, but as you goes through the routine, it will become easier and painless. You can even increase your counts of repetition. And Trust me that you will see the good result fast.


One exercise that I have included in these effective workouts for women is the cycling. Why? Because you deserve to have fun. You can go outdoor with your bike, or if you are the home buddy type, you can invest for the best spin bike.

Spinning is one the best cardiovascular workout not only for men but women for all ages. You can go to the gym to learn the basic before you start it on your own. After doing the entire hard workout, and after you have achieved your goal, spinning is the great way to maintain your weight and keep it in shape.


So that’s it. The workout routine that is given here has been proven very effective by all fitness enthusiasts around the world. I even tried it myself. With a healthy diet and determination to win my goals, I am more confident in my body, and I am keeping it that way. Just do it and endure the trails on the first try. And you will be happy with the result.

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