These days there has always been a flow of emotions when it comes to the Myanmar. A section of liberal ‘intellectual’ leftist suffers with the stroke of ‘humanity’ when they see Rohingya illegal immigrants (not refugees), this same lobby hardly spoke any thing for Hindus refugees from neighbouring Islamic nations. This days they worry a lot about the democracy in Myanmar which has indeed been shattered by the military coup and want India to behave on lines with USA and UK and comply with US sanctions.

Well Foreign policies are more than ideology and emotions. It is ruthless pursuit of a nation’s sovereign interest irrespective of their aftermath of others. Did USA ever care about destruction in West Asia while working for their interest though regime changes? Today world respects USA for the power they control not for their ethics or democracy. We deal with any nation keeping over interest in mind. Ethics too do not have a major role in this big game. It is a constant race where if you missed the chance then your competitor is always ready. Similarly in Asia the moment India miss the chance China always an alternative.

What is “moralistic running commentary” today by the Marxist cabal, was actually the Foreign policy of India in the under Nehru-Gandhi regime and these are not my words, but are of the then Congress’ MoS External Affairs Shashi Tharoor in 2010 who at event in London, along with British Labour MP Bhikhu Parekh who criticised Congress’ Foreign policy at discussion with the Indian Diplomats. Then what happened to Tharoor is well-known.

In contemporary geopolitics of Asia there has emerge a constraint that “If India won’t then China will”. China is pumping money in Kyaukpyu Port which is just 100km away from Sittwe Port where India is working at a not-so-good pace. Because governments have a limit in such projects and they need private firms like China use a of lot of such firms in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and of course in Myanmar.

The Yangon International Terminal project is “fully owned and developed” by Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone (APSEZ). Ports in Yangon of Myanmar that handles approximately 90% of import and export activities in the country. Imagine an India firm dominating this space. Also how come Chinse could digest this defeat at this port deal, thus there are already 100s article against Adani dealing with Junta (Myanmar’s Army) and 1000s more to come in international press.

Let me again remind you all that we are Indian and more Burmese. We can’t hit axe on over legs based on Moralistic ethics and then cry sitting in corner when an incident of Chinese aggression happen in Indian Ocean. Moral values will not save India on strategic warfare. Remember the time when there was military dictatorship every other year in Pakistan. Liberal Jamaat never lobbied to spoil the relations with Pakistan in then name of democracy.

These are the same newspaper which published 4 pages of People’s Daily in Hindustan times and editorial of Chinese ambassador in The Hindu during the heated situation in Ladakh. So people should know that the preachers of democratic morality and Human rights ethics should last in giving lectures on geopolitics. Though Adani group publicly refuted the articles on deals in Yangon port but there is nothing wrong I see in such deal and nationalist Indian should encourage them.

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