A woman entrepreneur, Thushara Ajith who started Non Halal Hotel in Ernakulam district of Kerala was brutally attacked by the muslim fanatics due to non compliance of Halal in her hotel.

As per reports, Thushara Ajith is fine now. K Surendran who is the state president of BJP Kerala condemned this incident. He wrote “Strongly condemn the attack against Smt.Thushara Ajith. A group of Muslim fanatics brutally attacked the woman entrepreneur due to non-compliance of Halal in her hotel. What happened in Kakkanad is nothing less than Talibanism. I urge the people of Kerala to reject Halal Invasion”.

A woman was attacked. Fascism was being played in full swing. Halal food is being imposed by the muslims on non muslims as if Kerala lies inside the Islamic state territory but sadly no one from a particular lobby who claims themselves to be secular in nature, wrote a single word condemning the incident.

Morevoer a police man can be seen asking Thushara in her hospital bed, why she put up a board of non Halal food in her hotel and blamed her of communalism.


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