The holiday season makes us think of those people and things we are grateful for. During this pandemic time, after self-reflection about those who continuously fight for my civilization and culture, I am especially grateful to Shri Tukaram Omble’s atma. An unafraid karma yogi who clearly did not think about the fruits of actions but did his job to the best of his ability and this benefited exposed all the anti-Hindu bias of the powers that be.

Who was Tukaram Omble?

Omble was born in 1954 in Kedambe, Maharashtra. He grew up in the village and then joined the Indian Army’s Singnal Corps. He kept in touch with his roots and everyone in the village had a unique respect and love for him. Omble retired from the Army in 1991 and then joined the Police force as a constable, raising to the rank of Assistant Sub-Inspector.

26/11 – Pakistan sponsored terror attacks on Mumbai

26 November, 2011 is know as the day Pakistani terrorists attacked Mumbai in order to kill Kaffirs (in this case, Hindus). They attacked the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus railway station; Nariman House Complex; Leopold Café, Taj Hotel; Oberoi-Trident Hotel and Cama Hospital as well as various points in between. The horrific situation went on for three days and about 190 people were killed by terrorists and hundreds were injured during the attacks.

During this time, Omble and his fellow team were involved in a shootout involving a car with was hijacked by Ajmal Kasab and one other terrorist – Ismail Khan. The Pakistani terrorist Kasab admitted to having planned to kill 5,000 people. The Pakistanis first began killing people at the railway station with AK-47 rifles, then moved to shot randomly on the streets. They killed over a hundred at this point and continued to shoot at pedestrians and policemen.

The Pakistanis were interrupted by the Maharashtra police and they continued to kill eight police personnel in a shootout. They then moved to Metro Cinema and began firing on the crowd, and then drove to the Vidhan Bhavan and continued to shoot at people.

AT one point they got a flat tire so they stole a vehicle and began driving towards Chowpatty beach. Word had reached the Girgaum Chowpatty area about the Pakistani terrorists having driven that way from a police officer who survived the previous shootout.

Omble and his team set up a roadblock and Kasab and Khan spotted this and attempted to run the other way but the police at the barricade had already spotted them and began to shoot. Terrorist Ismail Khan was killed by the police and Omble’s heroic actions allowed his team to capture Kasab.

When the shooting began and Khan was killed, Kasab pretended to lay dead so that he could begin shooting at the police when they approached his “body.” Omble was the one who approached cautiously. Omble unfortunately was unarmed and terrorist Kasab began shooting. Omble continued to charge ahead and he firmly held on to Kasab’s rifle. Kasab continued to shoot through the weapon and Omble kept taking the bullets, not letting go so as to shield his team while they managed to capture the Pakistani terrorist alive.

A great Martyr

Tukaram Omble was simply doing his duty to the BEST of his ability. He did not have a weapon on him but he approached the Pakistani Terrorist without fear and acted quickly while taking up to 40 bullets to his body.

Tukaram, a 54-year old brave atma lost his life that day, and his act of bravery made it possible for his team to capture the Pakistani terrorist Kasab alive, who later on confessed all the details about the plot to Indian law enforcement.

A narrative was going to be built by Pakistan and anti-national forces within India about Saffron (Hindu) terror as Kasab and others were given painstaking training and orders to speak in Hindi vs. Urdu and were also given Hindu names as fake identities.

Lashkar-e-Taiba, Pakistani intelligence and even Indian anti-nationals were behind the 26/11 attacks. Had it not been for the live capture of Kasab, perhaps these adharmic forces would have succeeded in painting a picture of Saffron terror.

As we think about the anniversary of 26/11 and people we are grateful for, I wish to dedicate this piece to Shri Tukaram Omble, a brave solider and officer whose bravery and intelligence shaped the course of Indian history. His sacrifice exposed many elements within and outside the terrorist networks and continue to help Bharat’s relentless fight against cockroaches such as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

May Omble’s service and bravery never be forgotten. May it continue to inspire the rest of us to keep fighting.


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