Recent Evidences and images on chinese social media conclusively prove that more than 100 chinese soldiers were killed in the clash with Indian Army in Galwan valley.

China was long trying to hide the number of casualties it’s forces have suffered in the Galwan valley clash, but with each passing day new evidences are emerging proving that Indian army literally butchered Chinese soldiers that night in Galwan.

The sheer number of deaths are so high on chinese side that if Chinese Govt acknowledge it, it way cause a massive lose of face for the self declared super power.

A tombstone identifying a Chinese soldier who died during the Galwan clash on June 15 circulated on Chinese social media platform Weibo appears to be the first possible evidence of Chinese troops killed during melee where 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives.

Soon the picture had traction in India with many Twitter handles putting it out.

Two Weibo accounts (identities withheld) posted the picture in a military forum describing the tombstone of a Chinese soldier Chen Xiangrong.

The tombstone, written in mandarin, read, “Soldier of the 69316 troops, from Pingnan, Fujian.”

“Tomb of Chen Xiangro. He was sacrificed in the struggle against India’s border troops in June 2020 and was posthumously remembered by the Central Military Commission.”

Chinese government has been pressurising families of its soldiers killed in Galwan clash not to conduct burials and funeral ceremonies, claimed a US intelligence report. It further added that China is denying burials in order to cover up its ‘blunder’.

The US intelligence assessment claims that China is not accepting that its soldiers have been killed in the recent showdown with India in order to hide the incident that Beijing considers as a blunder, reported IANS

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